[photo: ABC]

Strong female leads continue to take over primetime TV, and the new ABC show Quantico is no different. Indian superstar Priyanka Chopra, in her first US lead, plays Alex Parrish, a FBI agent in training who find herself a suspect after NYC’s Grand Central Terminal has fallen victim to a terrorist attack, and she is seemingly the only one to have survived.

Flashing back to nine months before the terrorist attack, we find Alex home with her mother, preparing for her departure to Quantico to train as an FBI agent. While on the plane (her mom thinks she’s supposed to be on a train) she meets a stranger, and the two hit it off. They hit it off so well in fact that they end up having sex in his car when they land.

At Quantico orientation, Alex recognizes fellow trainee, Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin) , as her quick fling from the parking lot, but doesn’t back down from admitting to their dalliance. He immediately takes an interest in her… maybe a little too interested. We meet other trainees as well: Shelby Wyatt is a rich orphan who is a pro with a gun; Simon Asher is a gay man from NYC who is hiding something; Eric Parker is a Mormon who is rooming with Caleb Haas; Caleb’s parents are both FBI agents and he only got in because of this fact since he is terrible at pretty much everything except being good looking. Check out those abs!

On the second day of their trainiing, the recruits have a new assignment: Choose a peer, take a file, and find everything and anything on them. Can you guess who Booth picks? No dirty secret will go uncovered and we find out who has what it takes to be an agent and who doesn’t early on.

Flash to present day, Alex is taken by the FBI where she is questioned on every recruit in her class. She is asked to recount her days nine months ago, which she finds odd. The agent questioning her is stalling and she is arrested and deemed the terrorist accused of bombing Grand Central. The attack is an inside job and someone is framing her. Everyone is against her except one of her trainers from the academy, Miranda Shaw, who hijacks a transport van with Alex cuffed inside and helps her escape so she can find the truth and free her name.

No one can be trusted when we discover that one of her administrators (Cougar Town’s Josh Hopkins) and Booth are working together undercover keeping an eye on Alex.

Chopra, former Miss World and Bollywood star, is more than a pretty face and has the presence and charisma to carry a show. We’re looking forward to see where this one goes.