This week’s episode of Gravity Falls brings back the show after last episode’s bleak ending and offers the steps towards a resolution. The episode begins with Bill Cipher crossing dimensions as we saw previously. He takes physical form, proclaims ownership of the universe with his immense power, and begins wreaking havoc alongside a group of strange creatures from the other dimension which include a being mainly consisting of teeth called Teeth and a creature with 8-ball eyes called Eightball. Billy creates a pyramid for himself, stops time, and rolls in large bubbles of weirdness that transform whatever goes through them.

Even the strange opening is a sign of Bill’s control as it features odd distortions of the original opening and focuses on Bill and his crew. As Mabel is trapped inside a prison bubble, Ford tries to fight Bill, even if it seems impossible. He takes aim with a quantum distabilizer that only has one shot but is distracted by a weird object and misses. Noticing this, Bill grabs Ford and asks him to join his side. When Ford rejects him, Bill takes no time in turning him to stone. Dipper, meanwhile, tries to find another way to defeat Bill in the journals but he is soon grabbed by Bill, too, and is unable to find anything. Bill insults his weakness and Dipper angrily punches him as his last resort but it doesn’t work and only makes Bill angry. Dipper watches in horror as he burns the journals and feels helpless. He is then left with Teeth and Eightball ready to eat him but luckily manages to escape.

The goat that Stan often fights with becomes huge thanks to the weirdness and runs around town chewing on buildings. One such building it breaks open is the prison holding an ever-vengeful Gideon who leads the prison following he has out into the town. At the same time, Soos witnesses his abuelita turn into a chair and decides to head off to be a hero.

Three days later, Dipper has managed to avoid Bill’s guards but has yet to find Mabel. Thinking she may be in the mall, he heads there but finds it empty. Strangely, however, he spies one of the last trays of nachos and grabs it, only to be caught in Wendy’s trap. Wendy has survived due to her father’s strict apocalypse training and lets Dipper into her hideout. He explains what happened between him and Mabel and tells Wendy that he can’t do anything against Bill. She insists that with Mabel the two of them were able to beat Bill twice already and can do so again. With new-found hope, Dipper gazes to the sky and sees the large red prison bubble. He recognizes the design on Mabel’s sweater and plans to release her from the bubble, no matter how dangerous it is.

Meanwhile, Bill is holding a weird party with all of his goons but it is crashed by the Time Police who have arrived to stop Bill from destroying all existence with his anomalies. Bill’s power is too strong, however, and he is able to vaporize the Time Baby, the leader of the future. Bill’s henchmen then return explaining that they could not eat Dipper but Bill is not worried, explaining that he has someone guarding Mabel to prevent Dipper from reaching her.

Planning to drive through the madness to get to Mabel, Dipper and Wendy go to the abandoned auto mart for a car but are soon ambushed by discount auto warriors and their leader: Gideon, who has been charged with watching over Mabel. He plans to make her his love through imprisonment and won’t let Dipper ruin his plan. Fortunately, Wendy is strong enough to beat up their captors, steal the prison bubble’s key, and take Gideon hostage just long enough for them to grab a car and drive off. But the warriors pursue them across the wasteland and even through weird bubbles that humorously bend reality as they drive through them. Wendy accelerates to get over a ravine and smashes up the car on the other side. Still, they manage to make it and find Soos, who has become a fabled hero in the past three days.

Unfortunately, Gideon and his crew also make the jump and surround them, sounding a  horn that will summon Bill’s eyebats. He taunts Dipper, explaining that this Gravity Falls is a new one, one in which Dipper won’t win. Left with no choice, Dipper tries to reason with Gideon’s better nature and explains that trapping Mabel won’t make her love him. He explains that in order to win her love he’ll have to become a less selfish person.

For a brief moment, Gideon is afraid, uncertain of what to do and not willing to anger Bill, but then he finally decides to let Dipper free Mabel. With courage, he and his crew decide to revolt against Bill and his minions while the others save Mabel.

This part ends with the key unlocking Mabel’s prison bubble and Dipper and friends bracing themselves to enter and face whatever madness Bill has in store for them.