gravity falls

In this second part of the three part series finale of Gravity Falls, we begin where we last left off: Gravity Falls has been taken over by the inter-dimensional Bill Cipher and the only hope of stopping him is to enter a bubble imprisoning Mabel and face one of the most terrifying evils yet devised: a world full of rainbows, unicorns, and hunky men!

This world full of Mabel’s favorite things is aptly named Mabeland: A place where the floor is made of patches of bouncy castles and where (almost) no rules are allowed. Xyler and Craz, slang-spouting movie heartthrobs, show the gang around and our heroes soon realize that the place is chock full of anything a person could ever want. Knowing that Bill has devised a wicked plan, Dipper avoids the perils of partaking of penguin-delivered snacks and other amusements and the group makes their way to the tower where Mabel is guarded by anthropomorphic waffles. Soos chows down on them and they rush to the top where Mabel is asleep, only to find that Mabel is in charge of the land and doesn’t want to leave.

She explains that after Dipper said he wanted to stay in the town, she found that she never wanted the summer to end. When she woke up with power to control the land, she made it like a continually fun summer. Though Wendy is quickly convinced to prank the principal of her high school with her friends and Soos leaves to spend some time with the father he always dreamed of, Dipper apologizes for being a jerk to Mabel and explains that she can’t keep living in a fantasy. However, she fully intends to, even if she has to replace her normal, buzzkill of a brother with Dippy Fresh, a “cool” modified version of him. Unable to sway her, Dipper runs off, seeking any way to literally and metaphorically burst Mabel’s bubble.

Meanwhile, though Bill is unconcerned with the fact that Dipper and friends are trying to free Mabel from her prison, as he assumes it is impenetrable, there is another bubble that has his attention. After he gets tired of ruling Gravity Falls, Bill tries to rush out of the town to conquer the world, but is stopped by a force field. He now sets his sights on breaking through.

Dipper sits beside a river amidst the cacophony of Mabel’s mad world and is soon joined by Wendy who has already grown weary of the energy and color that constantly surrounds them. Relaxing with Dipper, she lets slip that, had he just been a bit older, the two of them would be perfect for each other. Dipper’s heart begins to race at this and Wendy suddenly suggests that they go see Mabel to make Dipper older and make their dream come true. Dipper is close to giving in, but he shakes off his infatuation with Wendy and says that it isn’t real. As he says this, however, the world changes in an instance: the false Wendy becomes a mass of writhing bugs that scurry off and the tree of stuffed animals becomes menacing and warns Dipper never to mention reality again. Disliking this world even more, Dipper audibly says he wants to go back to the real world and once again the air changes into something sinister.

Dipper is charged with breaking Mabeland’s only rule, never to mention reality, and faces banishment. Luckily, Mabel hears this and pleas to save her brother. The only way to keep Dipper from being thrown out is if he can convince a jury of Mabels to choose the real world over a world of fantasy. Acting as Dipper’s prosecutors, Xyler and Craz show times from Dipper and Mabel’s childhood that prove how awful the real world is. During 2nd grade Picture Day a jolly Mabel gets gum put in her hair. During Valentine’s Day in the 4th grade Dipper doesn’t receive a single present and is made fun of.

But Dipper acts as his own defense attorney and calls Mabel as his witness. He explains that she doesn’t really want to stay in her delusions but is just afraid of growing up. He reminds her how in the 2nd grade he took a razor and shaved off his hair to match Mabel’s gum and how Mabel made him a Valentine’s Day card in the 4th grade. Dipper says that he was chasing a fantasy when he was thinking about being Uncle Ford’s apprentice and instead promises to stick by Mabel as he always has. After finally coming to her senses, Mabel gets tired of the fantasy, but as she does her control over it is lost and it begins to rot away into a world she no longer controls. Fleeing, the gang hops aboard a giant Waddles to make a running jump and bust out of the fantasy and back into the real world.

Back in Gravity Falls, however, they see the town is destroyed and left like a ghost town. The only place left intact is the Mystery Shack. But upon entering it, they find Stan and an assorted group huddled together.

Just one more episode is left in this series so be sure to tune in and see the show off properly.