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Remember that time your mom whisked you off to Italy for a spontaneous vacation at a gorgeous, scenic villa? No – yeah, me either. But if she did, I can guarantee you I would have been more enthusiastic about it than Sarah Jessica Parker’s onscreen daughter in All Roads Lead to Rome.

Young teen Summer (Rosie Day) can’t appreciate the lovely vacation, and simply must return to New York City to be with her drug trafficking thug of a boyfriend, Tyler (Barney Harris), because she misses him TOO much. Of course, her mother Maggie (SJP) is opposed to this horrible plan, even throwing out her cell phone in an effort to separate the young couple. Unfortunately, that simply inspires the ridiculously angry teen to steal a car, from none other than Maggie’s former lover, Luca (Raoul Bova), who they happen to run into… in ITALY.

What Summer is not counting on is Luca’s tough-as-nails 80-year-old mother Carmen (Claudia Cardinale), who forces herself into the great escape plan, and redirects the mission from the nearby airport all the way to Rome. And thus begins their Chasing Liberty-esque road trip, taking them the 300 kilometers (just under 200 miles) to Rome, with Luca and Maggie hot on Summer and Carmen’s trail.

Cardinale is absolutely delightful as Luca’s seemingly curmudgeonly mama, who becomes sage counsel for Summer, and she has her own charming love story as well. Meanwhile, aside from her pink hair, there is almost nothing likable about Day’s performance as Summer “the wonderful daughter… with radical anarchist leanings.”

All Roads Lead to Rome takes the typical surly teenager trope but seems to elevate it to another level as Summer is belligerent and rude to every person she comes into contact with. That gives her the room to grow into a more compassionate and understanding person throughout her travels (learning from Carmen, along with a flirtatious farm girl who offers the pair a ride into town, and seemingly puts the nail in the coffin of Summer and Tyler’s relationship).

Raoul effortlessly portrays the dreamy, Italian charmer, and Paz Vega even makes an appearance as snooty – yet stunning – TV reporter Giulia. She may not be very friendly to the Sex and the City alum’s character, but I bet Carrie would’ve appreciated her style.

All Roads Lead to Rome certainly doesn’t reinvent the chase or road trip genres, although it is sweet watching Carmen’s romance unfold. It’s a bit cheesy, but overall not a bad watch, though likely more suited as a Red Box rental than an opening night viewing.