Gravity Falls

It has been a long wait for the hour-long finale that will hopefully satisfy fans of Gravity Falls and I am glad to say that the episode does not disappoint. Throwing in returning characters, clever jokes, and some touching moments that bring character arcs to fruition, this finale is what we have been hoping for.

We continue just where we left off: Dipper, Mabel, Soos, and Wendy had just burst Bill’s Mabel Land bubble and come back to find Gravity Falls in an even worse state than before. Returning to the Mystery Shack, they see Stan and various citizens and monsters: the last bastion not turned to stone by Bill. Stan explains that as totem poles came alive and weirdness began to infect the town, the protective spell placed in “The Last Mabelcorn” allowed the Shack to avoid the weirdness around it. When others noticed this, they began taking refuge there as well. However, Dipper and Mabel don’t agree with Stan’s defeatist attitude and instead intend to fight Bill.

Dipper explains that Ford had hinted before that Bill did in fact have a weakness. All they have to do is rescue Ford from Bill’s pyramid and find out his weakness. Unfortunately, only the Mystery Shack is safe from harm meaning they cannot leave. But McGucket comes up with the perfect way to get to Ford without leaving the shield. He proposes turning the Shack into a giant robot that can be both mobile and literally take the fight to Bill’s pyramid!

However, as the gang has a montage preparing weapons and mechanized mobility that incorporates some of the many throw backs to previous episodes, Bill continues to keep Ford alive and torture him for information. Although he has the power to control time, space and manipulate multiple forms of reality within Gravity Falls, Bill is limited to the single town. Apparently the town’s weirdness magnetism keeps Bill’s weirdness from leaving but Ford did once theorize an equation that could collapse the magnetic force and let Bill out and so he seeks answers within Ford’s mind. Fortunately, he needs Ford’s agreement to enter into his mind and no matter how much he is tortured, Ford never gives in.

While the rest of the surviving citizens help build the Shacktron, Stan mopes, bitter that he is no longer the leader and that no matter what he does he will never be a hero. Regardless of Stan’s doubting the plan, the Shacktron goes to get back Ford. Bill calls out the strange oddities who work as his minions and they grow to face the mobile Shack. Through team work and ingenious mechanisms, the townsfolk are able to beat up the monsters. Annoyed, but also seeing that Ford cares deeply about Dipper and Mabel, Bill goes out to face the mechanized building himself in hopes of torturing the twins, but he cannot breach the protective spell. To make things worse for him, the townsfolk increase the Shack’s power and manage to rip out Bill’s eyeball with a dinosaur-fist, blinding him.

This distraction gives Dipper and the gang the perfect chance to sneak by the busy Bill and enter his pyramid via parachutes. They are able to find Ford, now turned into a golden statue, atop the ominous throne made of frozen people but still don’t know how to turn everyone back. Fortunately, Gideon is nearby and explains that they have to remove Mayor Tyler from the base allowing everyone to tumble down and back to normal. As everyone wakes up, familiar faces reunite and McGucket and Ford exchange apologies and forgiveness for past mistakes.

The mood has improved, but Dipper reminds them that Bill is just outside and they don’t have much time. Ford explains that Bill can only be defeated by an ancient prophecy. In the prophecy ten symbols need to unite and join hands in order to open a portal that will finally send Bill back home and return the town to normal. The symbols represent each of the people there: Dipper has a pine tree as on his hat; Mabel has a shooting star as on her sweater; Soos has a question mark as his shirt and the same goes for all ten symbols as everyone stands in their respective spot and holds hands. Finally, only Stan’s symbol is left but he still criticizes the plan. He finally agrees on the condition that he get a long-overdue thank you from his brother. Ford equally grudgingly agrees but the two end up arguing over grammar and Stan lets go of Ford’s hand, failing to open the portal that will banish Bill.

At the very worst time, Bill shows up and blows fire at them, enjoying their lack of teamwork. Bill easily takes almost all of the ten people needed for the ritual to work and turns them into lifeless banners. He then entraps Mabel and Dipper in a triangular cage and threatens to hurt them unless Ford lets Bill into his mind. Before Ford can give in, however, Mabel sprays Bill in the eyeball and uses crystals to enlarge the cage and easily slip out. But Bill is still too powerful and chases after the twins with sadistic relish. Meanwhile, Stan blames himself for arguing and Ford blames himself for being fooled by Bill all those years ago. They regret not being able to work together like they used to.

Dipper and Mabel come close to escaping from the pyramid but instead of rallying the townsfolk, they find themselves weak and easy prey for Bill and his minions. To save their lives, Ford finally decides to give in and let Bill into his mind. They make a binding contract and Bill thinks he is finally going to get what he wants. However, when he opens a door in the mind, he finds a grinning Stan who reveals that Ford and Stan switched places meaning that Bill is stuck in Stan’s mind instead of Ford’s head. Using the memory-erasing gun, they remove Bill along with Stan’s memory and Stan finally gets to go out being a hero.

With his mind erased, Bill is defeated and all of the weirdness that he brought with him is sent back where it came from. Though still devastated and trying to forget Weirdmagedon, Gravity Falls is more or less back to normal. Unfortunately, when Mabel goes to hug Stan he is unable to remember her or anything about the town. Mabel is, of course, distraught by this and tries desperately to get him to remember her by showing him her photo album. But it doesn’t seem to work. But then he suddenly remembers Waddles. As Soos shows Stan pictures from the Mystery Shack, he remembers to not give Soos a raise. With enough effort and pictures, Stan is able to recall his past adventures and return back to his grumpy old self.

Everyone feels relieved and yet also sad to see Mabel and Dipper go back to California. Dipper reminisces that he got the adventures and friends he always wanted and Mabel says she can never forget any of them.

As this is the last episode, along with epic battles and many familiar faces, the series has to send everyone off right. For siding with Bill, Pacifica’s rich family are reduced to lukewarm poverty (the kind in which she only gets one pony) and McGucket becomes rich due to his getting patents for his incredible inventions. Able to finally trust each other and work together, Ford invites Stan on his boat to explore anomalies and he takes the offer. But this means that he has to close down the Mystery Shack as no one will be there to watch over it. Out of a job and a place he loves, Soos stands up for the place and its value as a conduit for magic in an everyday world and is given Grunkle Stan’s job as owner. Wendy tells Dipper how much she valued him and Candy and Grenda say tearful goodbyes to Mabel right before they leave to go back home.

Unable to bring a pig back with them, it seems that Waddles must also say goodbye. However, Waddles cannot bring himself to let Mabel leave and Stan threatens the bus driver so that he lets her bring Waddles on the bus.

As Dipper’s voice closes the series, he explains that Gravity Falls is a place out there. A place people pass by but which has magic in it if one goes to see it. Overall, with good humor, a great cast of fun characters, and a touching story, this will be one weird vacation that we will remember for years. While it will sadden us that there is no more Gravity Falls, the show went out well and had a lot of heart and that’s better than when a show overstays its welcome. I only hope that there are more shows like this in the future.