We love the internet and the marvelous people who use it to spread film joy with us. At the moment we are particularly loving what-if trailers and movie mash-ups. Don’t know what that is? Where have you been? Obviously not spending enough time trawling YouTube for time-wasting gold.

A what-if trailer is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a trailer exploring what a film would be like if created under different circumstances. In practice, the trailer is reworked and elements changed to address that (often profound, sometimes silly, sometimes funny) question. “What if this film was set 100 years in the future?”, “What if the supporting actor didn’t die in the 5th scene?” and so on. A mashup is when several films are used to remake a new one. There have been some great, weird and wonderful film remixes and mashups made – and here are just seven of our favorites.


David Lynch’s A Goofy Movie

Be prepared to step into the dark and surreal world of David Lynch, featuring one of your favorite childhood stars, Goofy. What’s so great about this remix is the stark juxtaposition between two styles, and honestly you’ll wonder how the creator, Codie R , managed to do it.

David Lynch’s style can be detected by dream sequences, surreal visions, moving object close ups, fade transitions and overlays, ambient noise throughout, travelling via dark passages and washed out hazy filters.

Goofy, on the other hand, represents something very different. He’s your lovable friend. Your silly fool. So, the fact that Codie R has managed to place him so seamlessly into a David Lynch style film is pretty impressive. This trailer echoes Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive vibes. David Lynch’s style is based on light and sound, and it’s mostly sound that the editor has utilized here. It’s pretty brilliant stuff and has surpassed one million views – well deserved.

Watch it and see how many elements of Lynch’s signature style you can pinpoint…

The Great Gatsbyfellas – Casino, Goodfellas and The Great Gatsby Mash Up

This mashup takes the Great Gatsby movie trailer and replaces the original images with scenes from Casino and Goodfellas. The films creator, Hud3131, has used two classic gangster films – both directed by Martin Scorsese – to explore his idea.

Starring Robert De Niro, Casino follows Sam “Ace” Rothstein, a top gambling handicapper. It’s a classic crime flick and joins the long list of great films that take place in a casino setting, from Casablanca to The Hangover.  Goodfellas is probably one of the most famous mobster movies of all time and narrates the rise and fall of mob associate Henry Hill – it reached $46.8 million at the box office and has an impressive 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Despite the glitz and the glamour, the subject matter of The Great Gatsby is dark and moody – just like all your classic crime films. If you didn’t already know this was a mashup, you might be looking forward to a new film after this.

Hell’s Club Movie Mashup

There is a place where all fictional characters meet. Outside of time, Outside of all logic, This place is known as HELL’S CLUB.

This is a very good mashup from ANTONIO MARIA DA SILVA AMDSFILMS. Imagine stepping into a nightclub where some of the most wicked, vicious, evil but iconic film characters have gone to party to the sound of the Bee Gees. Well, you’d be in Hell’s Club.

Antonio has managed to create a dark and dangerous world where these villains and anti-heros –but some heroes as well – interact with each other perfectly, amassing more than 5,700,000 views of his original creation and over 500,000 already for his new clip Hell’s Club: Another Night, in just 15 days. Clever cutting, good sound editing skills and lots of filter trickery makes all these shots look like it’s all actually part of the same movie.

This mashup is for all the die-hard film buffs out there. Try to count how many films have been included and don’t miss the credits – probably the only chance to see Keanu Reeves credited as “the man without reaction” in your life.


Movie Phone Super Call

This mashup might not be the most obvious one you’d think of, a film of phone calls doesn’t sound all that interesting. However, think about it, how often does someone make a call in a film? Very, is the answer, and the result is an almost 3-minute clip of a very long phone conversation, where Jason Bourne is asked to bring Napoleon Dynamite’s chopsticks and a young George Clooney wonders whether Rambo is wearing panties.

With so many films to choose from it must have taken Burger Fiction forever to string them all together. The result is wonderfully entertaining, jumping from classic scene to classic scene.

There are 47 films featured in the mashup, how many of them can you recognize?


Avatar and Pocahontas MashUp

We’ve seen many films adapted from books, and some that adapt book plots, like Clueless borrowing the plot from Jane Austin’s Emma. Generally, these are credited and acknowledged. Sometimes, however, they are not.

When James Cameron’s $237 million film Avatar was released, there was a lot of drama surrounding the plot line and how it was an awful lot like the classic Disney film Pocahontas (which is, of course, an adaption in itself).

Whether or not that was the case or the film was just another rendition of a classic theme, this mashup from geraldo2183 suddenly throws the comparisons right out there for you to see. Taking images just from Pocahontas but actual sound tracks and lines from Avatar, the editor has managed to come up with yet another film we’d be curious to watch.


Mean Disney Girls

Sticking with the cartoons, we’re looking at a mashup between 2004 American teen comedy Mean Girls and our favorite princesses from the world of Disney. Every young girl’s dream or every young girl’s nightmare?

The Disney princess is your definition of a kind, caring and generous soul – they are not mean girls. The creator, Pinkwhig, has managed to turn our favorite damsels into back-stabbing villains. And we kind of love it. The rest of the internet does, too, with more than 12,000,000 views to date.

Some of the faces that Cinderella pulls are straight out of teen angst high school. We can’t believe we never noticed her disgusted eye roll before.

If Disney films are just too goody two-shoes for you, you’re going to love this, you cynic: 


Reservoir Dogs Meets Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Another example of great juxtaposition is this mashup of the classic Tarantino 1992 flick Reservoir Dogs and the much-adored Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You’ve got the good, The Turtles, and the bad, Reservoir Dogs, and creator withonea takes them some clever swapping, to the sounds of “Stuck in the Middle with You” from the Tarantino movie soundtrack.

In this clip, we’ve got our fun-loving, pizza-eating turtles carrying out the diamond heist of the Dogs. The thing is, it looks like they’re pulling it off.

The clip also uses the original live action turtles rather than their 2014 counterparts, which we think gives the mashup a much nicer aesthetic.

In short, mashups are brilliant. They bring a smile to our face, they are a welcome distraction but also make us question and relook at some of our favorite films and directors. These what-ifs are creative, interesting, often brilliant. Thank you, internet, please keep them coming!