It’s not often that a raunchy comedy begins with the tagline “Based on a true story…” That being said, if you’re looking for a groundbreaking hilarious feature film, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates won’t satisfy. Instead, take the flick for what it is — an amusing blend of Wedding Crashers and Neighbors, with a little old-fashioned American Pie thrown in.

Fun-loving bros (and brothers) Mike and Dave Stangle sell liquor for a living, though only the elder Mike is truly committed. The two are known for their antics at family gatherings, and as their little sister’s wedding approaches, their parents confront them. Despite the fact that they’re clearly party animals, Mr. and Mrs. Stangle are convinced that if their sons bring “nice girls” as dates to the nuptials in Hawaii, everything will go off without a hitch.

Tasked with finding respectable ladies to accompany them on an all-expenses paid vacation, they take to the internet, posting a Craigslist ad. Their announcement goes viral, and they end up on The Wendy Williams Show — where they’re seen by the adventurous Tatiana and her sullen roommate, Alice. Having recently been fired from their waitressing jobs, Tatiana decides that the perfect way to cheer up Alice is to get her to Hawaii, after convincing the Stangle brothers that they’re mom and dad-approved.

The plan is successful, but once at the resort, the girls start to reveal their true colors. Hi-jinks ensue as Alice bonds with the bride, Jeanie, and Tatiana lets loose. Meanwhile, Alice and Dave begin to connect, and Mike is angry that things aren’t going as well for him. The brothers quickly realize that they’ve been played, and they must figure out how to save the wedding from disaster after disaster.

The four main actors bring a lot to the movie, each playing a variation of a character they’ve taken on before. Most unique is Anna Kendrick’s Alice, who, while portrayed as trashier than you’ve ever seen her, is as sweet as always underneath the surface. Aubrey Plaza as Tatiana is sassy and tough, April Ludgate-style, but does everything for her best friend. Dave is Zac Efron’s character from Neighbors a few years down the line, and Adam DeVine is quintessentially his Workaholics alter-ego — which is what he does best.

Also lighting up the screen is Stephanie “Sugar Lyn” Beard as Jeanie Stangle, the bride-to-be and sister of the titular men. A popular voice actress who has had small roles in live-action TV (The Mindy Project) and film (50/50), Beard takes on much of the comedy burden this time around, specifically as part of an ATV accident, and during a very unique massage. And if you’re a fan of Silicon Valley, tune in for Carla as Terry, a cousin in attendance who has a long-standing feud with Mike.

Wholly entertaining, Mike and Dave finds its ground standing on the talented shoulders of the its starring comedians. The end credits feature some of the greatest laughs, as DeVine shows off his improv chops with assistance from Efron, who continues to prove he’s more than just a pretty face.