There was a motherlode of revelations in this week’s episode of Wayward Pines. And we use that word advisedly.

As the Abbies marshal their forces outside the gates of the town that time forgot, our characters come up with the only plan that might save humanity – they will return to hyper-stasis, in the hopes that tomorrow is another day and the Abbies might somehow vanish in a few centuries.

There’s just one problem – there aren’t enough pods available to rescue everyone. So hard choices will have to be made, and no one is happy about that, particularly grumpy ol’ Dr. Yedlin, who can always be counted on to come up with a negative reaction to any proposal.

This week’s recap:

*** We begin in flashback, as Wayward Pines founder David Pilcher is scouting for an heir. He targets Abigail, the blonde preppy daughter of a U.S. Senator. Abigail is pregnant by a Harvard All-American lacrosse player, and her bright future is apparently on hold, so Pilcher offers to take the child off the family’s hands and spare them disgrace.  They agree, and Abigail tells him in parting that she refers to the unborn baby as “Jason.” Cue the ominous music!

*** But Abigail’s pregnancy is compromised (no doubt by her affinity for badminton), and Pilcher is just days away from launching everyone into the deep freeze. He still needs a “bridge,” as he refers to it, a baby that will lead the town when Pilcher is no longer around, and he needs it fast. And that’s when he discovers a young girl in a nearby Boise hospital. The girl is intelligent, articulate, and has big plans for the future. She impresses Pilcher so much that he apparently takes her along into the Wayward Pines deep freeze. That girl is – ready? – Kerry, Jason’s girlfriend.  Yes, she’s the mother of Jason, but neither of them knew that, as Pilcher told Kerry the baby was given to a couple in Texas.

*** Back in the present, the Abbies are massing outside the town gates, and the only thing holding them back is Margaret, the female Abbie who escaped from the lab and was seriously wounded. She’s being nurtured by a group of Abbie healers, who use leaf wraps, cauterization and some mystical potions to help her recover from her gunshot wound. Once she recovers, awful revenge on the townsfolk looms, as there are more Abbies outside the walls than have ever been seen before. They can build ladders, they can tunnel, they even can use fire, and they certainly have motivation. It’s not looking good.

*** Running low on food and medicine, having little arms to stave off the Abbie hoards, and knowing that they are the last hope of humanity, Jason decides an orderly retreat is the best plan. He asks Rebecca, the original town architect, whether rebuilding is possible after a long time in stasis. She acknowledges that there will be some foundations left in the town, but it’s impossible to say whether they can rebuild – climate change and other unforeseen incidents could occur in the long run.  But Jason decides to forge ahead, and tells the Wayward Pines community of his plan in a town square meeting.

*** CJ, the previous guardian of the pods, makes the rounds after that meeting and tells people what it’s like to be in stasis. It seems that volcanic ash is used along with a powerful narcotic, and the ash kills off any bacteria that might cause deterioration. The First Generation members are particularly wary, since they have never been asleep in the pods, but CJ assures them that he went through the experience, and is undamaged (except for, he fails to mention, his psychological issues).

*** But as CJ begins prepping the pods for re-use, he discovers an issue – there aren’t a sufficient number of pods with an adequate charge. It seems that all the available electric power has been diverted to the electronic fence that’s keeping the Abbies at bay, and as a result, the pods have suffered. They can only take about 571 of the town into stasis, which represents half of the population (shades of “When Worlds Collide.”). As for the rest, well, it’s good afternoon, good evening, and good night.

*** Jason approaches Dr. Yedlin and asks him for an assessment on the physical condition of the town’s people. He wants to take only those who have a good life expectancy and are capable of helping to rebuild the town when they awaken centuries hence. But Dr. Yedlin wants to run a lottery, saying it’s the only fair and equitable method of choosing who lives and dies. Jason disagrees, and tells the doctor he’ll do the assessments himself.

*** In the course of going over the townsfolk’s records, Jason makes a terrible discovery. When Pilcher died, the only record of Jason’s background was a confidential folder buried deep in Pilcher’s desk. Jason stumbles across the file, reading for the first time that the woman he wanted to have a baby with and has been his nearest and dearest is actually his dear old biological mom, the woman he never knew!  Yes, Jason is a real M-F!

*** Meanwhile, Dr. Yedlin meets with Kerry in the lab. He urges her to assassinate Jason (this after approaching others to do the job and planning to do it himself if no one else could). He tells Kerry that Jason plans to leave behind the defective members of Wayward Pines, which includes her, since she can’t bear children. When she protests that she can’t harm him, Yedlin reminds her: “He loves Pilcher more,” a manipulation that seems to resonate with her.

*** Kerry goes to Jason’s office, and finds him obviously staggered by his recent discovery of her true identity. Jason confronts his girlfriend/mother, asking her what she knew. She’s in the dark about his true identity as well, believing Pilcher’s lie about the baby sent to Texas. But she’s already prepped to take him on, and as his anger escalates, they begin struggling. She grabs the pistol attached to his belt and we see a blurry shot of the gun going off. It’s unclear who pulled the trigger and who may have been shot, but the last seen shows them laying together on the model of Wayward Pines, with Jason apparently bleeding out and fading away and Kerry covered in blood.

*** Our final segment shows Margaret outside the fence. All of the leap wraps and ointments seem to have helped her recover. She arises and rolls over on the cliff, showing us the thousands of Abbies arrayed below and awaiting her command.

Next week: the season finale of this second year.  Is Jason dead?  How will they solve the stasis pod shortage?  Who is now in command if Jason is dead?  Will the Abbies attack?  The evacuation hasn’t even begun, and is there time to get everyone on board?  There’s a lot of ground to cover in this season finale, and they can’t put this episode into stasis until they figure it out!