Wayward Pines

There’s an Abbie on the loose. Or, as some prefer to call them, an Abby on the loose. Either way, there’s plenty of fussin’, fuedin’, and fightin’ going on in the latest episode of Wayward Pines.

This week’s story focused on the great escape of Margaret, the female Abbie (I’m sticking with my spelling, despite what that young punk Frank said in this episode!). Margaret escaped from the research lab and is heading for the wall. If she gets out, she may rally the other Aberrations to attack. Given that there’s thousands of them and not all that many humans, it would not be a good thing for the town.

Here’s a solution if she gets out: since no one likes the town beer, toss a few kegs of it over the wall. A drunk Abbie is a happy Abbie, and likely in no shape to attack. Problem solved!

This week’s recap:

*** We pick up where last week left off – Margaret, the leader of the Abbies, has escaped from the lab after quietly opening the veins of poor Megan, causing her to bleed out. When the murder scene is discovered, the alarm sounds, and soon everyone is scrambling to find Margaret and/or get off the streets. Some of the civilians take up arms, but since they don’t normally shoot, that’s a bad plan, and they wind up shooting the militia rather than Margaret. Xander and Rebecca decide to join the fight to find Margaret, using some purloined rifles that Xander kept after the last major Abbie attack. Margaret heads to the mountain, where there’s a map of the underground drainage system. Finding those tunnels are key to stopping the Abbie invasion and recapturing Margaret.

*** In news of a more personal nature, Jason’s girlfriend, Kerry, finds out she can’t bear children. In Wayward Pines, that’s the ultimate failure, and she feels it deeply. When Jason takes her to a private pod room, which can be used by them in case of catastrophe with the Abbies, she has to break down and reveal to him her condition. He seems to take it well on the surface. But perhaps he’s too distracted to let the bad news resonate.

*** At Wayward Pines Academy, Lucy and brother Frank make a fateful decision – Lucy wants to go to Rebecca’s shop instead of hiding in the school. Frank agrees to take her there. In the worst horror movie tradition, they venture into the woods alone. There’s also an amorous couple who refuse to take shelter, preferring to make out under the trees. In a great scene, Margaret watches as they make out. Talk about a buzz kill if they see her! Fortunately for them, Margaret is only a voyeur.

*** Margaret is making a haphazard journey through the town, occasionally being spotted and shot at by the defenders, but largely escaping capture. She does kill one First Generation soldier as his family watches, dragging his body into the woods to throw off the pursuers, who she knows will follow the blood trail. She knows the town well, as Adam Hassler notes – after all, she used to live in the area well before everyone was defrosted.

*** Dr. Theo Yedlin and Adam traipse through the woods in search of Margaret. Theo still has some hopes of communicating, while Adam is just glad to be back in the woods. They find the First Generation soldier’s body, but realize it’s just a decoy.

*** Back in the morgue, Jason stands over Megan’s body. He sniffles and recalls all the good times they had together, including the first day after Pilcher’s death, when Megan showed him how to turn on the good doctor’s computer. He vows revenge.

*** Rebecca finds the drainage system maps and begins to return to her beauty shop, when suddenly, uh-oh – Margaret stands in her path. But the Abbie hesitates. She senses that Margaret is pregnant, and appears to be ready to leave without damage. But Xander arrives and shoots her, wounding her in the arm and sending Margaret scampering. He’s saved the day and potentially won back his wife’s heart. As Rebecca notes later, “There’s a man you marry in Boston, and then there’s a man you marry in Wayward Pines.” Xander for the win!

*** Margaret eventually finds a drain opening and gets set to leave, but wait – Adam Hassler has found her. She turns, looks at him, and flashes back on the times he’s defended her in the research lab. He lowers his rifle, signaling her to go. After she departs, he puts down his rifle and crawls after her. On the other side, he’s surrounded by snarling Abbies. But Margaret returns the favor, calming her comrades with good thought waves and allowing Adam to walk through the mob and leave into the woods.

*** Eventually, all of the troops arrive at the same drain tunnel, and decide to close it with a few hand grenades (why this would close it rather than blow a bigger opening in it is unclear).

*** Our final scene is Margaret laying in the comforting arms of some fellow Abbies. She flashes back to the bucolic lifestyle that her fellow Aberrations once enjoyed before the age of human return and the erection of the electronic fence. The look on her face is inscrutable, but it appears she’s making peace before dying.

Next week: Will Margaret survive? If she does, will she take revenge with her army of Abbies? Did the hand grenades solve the infiltration route of the Abbies, or are there other ways in? What about the diminished food supplies? Where was Adam Hassler heading when he walked through the Abbie mob? And how will Jason ultimately deal with the news that Kerry can’t bear his children, a situation he admits would have been handled differently had he known? This can go either way…