Fear TWD

We’ve learned a few things about the walkers in the world of Fear the Walking Dead. They will leave you alone if you smear infected guts on yourself. They react to sound. They are unthinking and unfeeling.

This week’s episode introduced a new wrinkle – the walkers are capable of navigating a staircase.  That’s why they were able to corner poor Alicia in the emergency exit hallway of a haunted hotel, as they shuffle toward sounds her drunken mother and her companion are making in the bar below.

Meanwhile, brother Nick has found a haven with a cult that believes the dead are sent by God to cleanse the earth. They are led by a pharmacist who somehow survived a walker bite without turning. Could this man’s potential natural immunity to the walker virus save mankind?  No one has asked that question in the community, apparently. Will Nick? Not in this episode.

This week’s recap:

*** Nick explores the Tijuana colony that he arrived at in the last episode. But all is not as it seems, as Nick discovers as he watches a man sacrifice himself to the walker hordes as the rest of the citizens watch impassively and chant. Apparently, those who are near death sacrifice themselves to the walkers outside the colony’s perimeter as a way to appease them. The luckless sacrifice’s daughter watches as the man walks into the horde, but Nick grabs her to shield her from the grim spectacle.

*** Luciana, one of the keys to bringing Nick to the colony, enlists him for a supply run. The local drug cartels have taken over the supermarkets and run a one-sided barter deal with the citizens. As they walk to their destination, Nick asks about the sacrifice ceremony. Luciana explains it as a natural phenomenon akin to the ocean cleansing itself. When the walkers are satiated and no longer around, “this world will be as new.”

** At the supermarket, the barter deal is pharmaceuticals for food and water. This allows admission to the supermarket and a leisurely stroll through the aisles. But Nick makes an error in judgment, stealing a snack bar. When he’s caught, they are about to chop off his hand. But junkie Nick has spotted a weakness – the gang leader’s sister is hooked on OxyContin. He tells them there will be no more Oxy if he loses his hand, which will turn the sister into something that’s almost worse than a walker. The gang relents, and emboldened Nick actually gets them to throw in an extra shopping cart of water. But he’s a target now, and the gang may come to the colony seeking revenge.

*** Back at the ranch, er, colony, we learn that Nick stole the snack as a treat for the young girl whose father sacrificed himself. Luciana is charmed by this, but leader Alejandro Nunez warns that pity has no place in the new world. Instead, faith must rule. Nick spies a blackened area on Alejandro’s shoulder. Luciana told him that he survived a walker bite, which apparently gave him standing to become leader of the pack. Could that story be true? Later, we see Alejandro lead a quasi-religious ceremony, wherein he proclaims the colony “the chosen ones,” those who came from death and are headed back to its cold embrace. Nick has a choice – get with the program, or find a new haven to explore.

*** Meanwhile, Maddie, Ofelia, Alicia and Victor Strand have given up their search for Nick and Travis, who went looking for his son. They head back to the Abigail yacht, only to discover that it’s no longer where they left it. Fortunately, there’s a nearby beachfront hotel, and they head there for shelter and potential food. The place looks abandoned, but a subsequent search by Alicia and Ofelia discovers that the infected have merely been consigned to their rooms, noted by a “do not disturb” sign carefully placed on each door handle as a warning. But Alicia and Ofelia find a room that seems quiet, and they start to take showers (no, not together, you pervert! – they take turns!). When Alicia emerges from her interlude, Ofelia is nowhere to be found.

*** Down in the bar, Maddie and Strand are getting piss drunk on tequila. It reaches the point where they’re downing shots and throwing the shot glasses at the wall. Victor gets cute and spies a nearby piano, then begins banging on it. They’re making quite the racket, but hey, the hotel is abandoned, right?

*** Wrong!  Alicia notices that walkers are plummeting off their balconies. She hears the commotion in the bar and realizes that the walkers are being lured from their hotel rooms, exiting the rooms the only way they can, by leaping from their balconies. She attempts to race down to warn them, but her path is blocked by a horde in the emergency staircase hallway. Now she’s trapped several stories up, Ofelia is nowhere in sight, and mom and Victor may be in mortal danger. Not only that, but there’s hardly any peanuts left in the mini-bar!

*** The walker horde surges into the bar area. Fortunately, Victor and Maddie manage to scramble behind the bar, but now they’re trapped as a ring of walkers waive their hands, frantically trying to grab them. Any bartender will recognize the scene and nod knowingly.

Next week: What is the ultimate goal of Nick’s colony?  Will the drug cartels, who apparently don’t know the colony location, start spying on them and come to seize their drugs?  Will Maddie and Victor manage to sober up and exit the bar?  What happened to Ofelia?  And how will Alicia manage to exit the hotel hallway?