Fear TWD

Most hotels are spooky places. Sure, they have the trappings of home,  but the transient nature of guests ensures that there’s just a touch of the lost to their hallways. That was brought to life in this week’s Fear the Walking Dead, as our cast had to navigate the walker-infested hotel by the sea that became a temporary refuge. Think walkers in maid uniforms, narrow escapes, and the sense that anything could be lurking around the corner.

In this week’s B-story, we caught up with Chris and Travis, as they aimlessly travel Mexico’s roads, seeking a safe harbor and encountering a group of bros that think the end of the world is a feature, not a glitch.

This week’s recap:

*** We open cold in the nameless hotel of the last episode. It’s a gala wedding, and while the guests are enjoying themselves, the mother of the bride informs the hostess that things will soon be wrapping up. Word of the mysterious disease that’s causing trouble around the world has evidently filtered down south, and they want to get back across the border before things get any worse. There’s a slight problem – the father of the bride has just collapsed on the dance floor, apparently having a heart attack. The bride starts to administer CPR to her dad, but he’s a quick turner, and she winds up bitten on her cheek. In the ensuing chaos, the hotel hostess grabs one of the waiters and sprints out of the room, locking the ballroom doors behind them. She knows what’s next for those trapped inside, but the safety of the entire hotel is paramount.

*** In our next scene, we see Travis and Chris on the road. Travis is still limping from walking barefoot across Mexico in search of Chris, but they luckily find a car that has some gas. While Travis monkeys with hot wiring, Chris goes to a nearby store seeking supplies. He encounters some walkers and some still-human college types, and kills a few walkers before stealing a can of beans and some water and sprinting back to his father. They drive off, leaving the stunned bros in their wake.

*** Down the road, they run out of gas. As luck would have it, the bros catch up to them, and while not entirely friendly, they are willing to take Chris and Travis to the next town and forget about the stolen beans because Chris saved one of them from being bitten. It’s a fair trade, but Travis is wary of anyone in this new world. He’s taken aback as they ride along, as one of the bros indicates that the world’s collapse means that no one can restrict their fun any longer. Travis looks at him like he’s crazy, and mentally notes that their reckless behavior will cause problems.

*** Back at the hotel, Alicia has decided to try to get down to the bar where her mom and Victor Strand were getting their drink on, in the process attracting a swarm of walkers. But the halls are full of walkers, and Alicia’s forced to open the elevator doors and cling to its cables to escape. Suddenly, she’s implored to climb up a flight by a mysterious woman, who helps get her off the cables. It’s Elena, the hostess from our opening scene, who has been living in the hotel and busy trapping the walkers in guest rooms, using “do not disturb” tags to demark where they’re trapped. Elena is slightly crazed with guilt over locking people into the wedding ballroom, and knows that several survivors are looking for her, knowing that the keys she has in her possession would allow them to access the entire hotel, presumably including its food supply. Alicia convinces Elena that getting to the bar and helping her find her mother is a good move, and so they head out.

*** On the way down, they manage to avoid most trouble, but when they arrive at the bar, it’s infested with walkers. Elena doesn’t want Alicia to open the doors, but Alicia insists. Compounding their problem is the arrival of some disgruntled guests, who have Elena’s nephew in their clutches. The keys for the nephew’s safety is the deal. But Alicia uses the moment to grab the keys and open the bar doors, allowing the walkers to spill out and chase away everyone else. Alicia enters the bar and seems to encounter her mother, who presumably has turned. She dispatches her with a knife to the brain, and then it’s time to vamoose.

*** Meanwhile, Travis, the bros and Chris find a ranch that’s off the main road. They stop to investigate, and soon they’re busy chasing chickens in the barn. But Travis sees some freshly dug graves, and realizes whoever did the burial is still on the premises. Sure enough, the aggrieved farmer shows up with a shotgun. He doesn’t speak English, though, and while everyone is shouting excitedly in an attempt to resolve the situation, Chris steps up and kills the man with a shot to the chest. Travis is stunned. The boy he thought he knew has changed, and it looks like Chris is more inclined to continue on with the bros than hang around the deserted ranch with dear old Dad.

*** Back at the hotel, Alicia, Elena, and nephew Hector are running through the hallways. They come to a doorway that the keys can’t unlock, and snarling walkers are about to descend. But suddenly, the doors open – it’s Maddie!  She’s alive, and she manages to get everyone in safely before slamming the door. Now all they have to do is find a new way out of the hotel.

Next week: Will Chris opt to leave his father and head out with his new bro friends?  Will Travis resume searching for wife Maddie?  Will the hotel become the equivalent of the jail in The Walking Dead, a season-long safe haven?  And what happened to Ofelia and Victor Strand?  The action is heating up!