It feels like an age since the last season ended, and though it has barely been 3 months, yet for so many across the world we are already buzzing with anticipation of the season 7 to be premiered. By most accounts, it seems likely that the first episode will be aired in early Summer next year as the series is reaching its end as it is slowly winding down. There is little doubt that this fantasy series has left a memorable impression on our collective consciousness, as they’ve delivered a style much rawer than usual as they’ve thoroughly embraced grit, brutality, combined with beautiful scenery and art, creating an atmosphere quite different from other fantasy series.

The series’ undoubtable success can be traced on so many levels of entertainment, DIY tutorials, short films, parodies, game adaptations, and music. Quite rightly, the show deserves praise as it’s fuelled creativity on so many levels. The parody music video that arose a couple of years ago is only one good example of how individual entertainers get to grips with a concept, as well as other YouTubers adopt their performances, such as Scheiffer Bates.

The expansive universe that is created in Game of Thrones opens itself to many interpretations, and one of the things the book series and the TV series does well is its inclusion of internal myths and the fragility of truth and perspective (not mentioning the highly complicated financial system ruling the world, the Iron Bank of Bravos we’re looking at you!). This has enabled an extensive following in fandom and fan-created theories. For example, Jessica Dodge paid tribute to the TV series’ culture and myth cultivation when going in depth on the Faceless Men and the Iron Will. Well worth a read in the interim between seasons to brush up on your knowledge of the Westeros and it’s culture.

Of course, the adaptive value of the series smoothly apply itself to the realm of games and gaming. New to online gambling? A very comprehensive guide to Kiwi casinos is available at In 2014 the graphic adventure fantasy game simply called ‘Game of Thrones A Telltale Games Series’ launched with great expectation, and with a smashing success! Rating at 8/10 by IGN, 9/10 at GameSpot, and 4.5/5 at GamesRadar, no wonder then that the series’ universe was also transformed to some of the latest online pokies at Lucky Nugget as they’ve embraced the brilliance of Game of Thrones.

Thankfully for the fans, these adaptations are arriving in such a great variety of packages available at functionally any media and platform of entertainment. Because sadly, the show is coming to an end. Even abruptly so some might argue, as the seasons are getting shorter with fewer episodes in the closing chapters. Therefore, one can undoubtedly say thank you Game of Thrones for inspiring the creative community to embrace the grit, art, and dark humour you advocated and continue to bring us for at least two years more!