ScreenPicks sat down with Charlotte Beuamont, star of the horror film The Windmill (originally titled The Windmill Massacre) to see what was behind the film, her thoughts on windmills in general, and what scares her the most.

Q: Was this the first horror movie you’ve done?

Charlotte Beaumont: Well yes, I did a thriller when I was 16 with Jean-Claude Van Damme, but this is the first horror one I’ve ever done.

Q: What intrigued you about the project?

Beaumont: I read the script and it was really refreshing to find a horror script that had depth, with multi-layered characters and was really interesting. I thought she (Jennifer) had so much regret and fear in her I thought she was fascinating. And it was a big challenge and I thought I could have a crack at it. And the director was so passionate about it that it just sealed the deal.

Q: Did you shoot the movie in Holland? How was that?

Beaumont: Yes. We shot it in Amsterdam and in some of the little towns outside of Holland. It was great.

Q: Did they build the Windmill specifically for the movie, or did they find a creepy old one?

Beaumont: They went through something like 200 windmills to find the right one, the interior of thw windmills we shot in a studio, because it was more conducive, there were so many night shoots. The actual windmill they found it, and the (people who owned it) were so excited that they gave it an extra coat of paint and they spruced it up, and when Nick (the director) got there he was like “what have you done?”. But the art department got their hands on it and messed it up again so it was okay.

Q: What did you have to do to get ready for the role? It’s not your typical “girl runs from a slasher” picture.

Beaumont: I had to learn an Australian accent. Making sure I could deliver the lines and not just read them in an accent. Get all the characteristics down so I could see them and look at them and go okay, and now let’s get there. I think a lot of the time when you’re playing scared you don’t want to ham it up too much, to look awkward and too cheesy, and I think that comes across in some horror films where you look like you’re acting scared.

Q: What do you want people to take from this film?

Beaumont: Just enjoy it. Watch it with a group of mates and have fun with it. Enjoy the scares and enjoy the thrill of it, and the action, just all of it!