Quirky, fun comedies are difficult. They have to have a lightening in a bottle quality to them in that they require an incredible amount of work to seem like they didn’t require an incredible amount of work. Movies like The 40-Year Old Virgin or Bad Santa manage to pull this off. My Dead Boyfriend does not. Not at all.

Heather Graham plays Mary, an aloof selfish woman in the big city. She returns back to her apartment one night and discovers her boyfriend is dead (sorry, I should have said spoiler alert). As the days go by she begins to learn that there was much more to her supposed couch potato lover than she ever knew.

This film is a jumbled, shoddy mess. It is all over the map using vague sarcasm, anemic performances and even random animation to push the audience through a dense, unfunny script. Director Anthony Edwards doesn’t seem to know what kind of movie he wanted to make, and we sure as hell don’t know what kind of movie we are watching. Heather Graham hasn’t done anything worthwhile in quite a while, and this movie continues that tradition. It’s almost as if Sex and the City was shoehorned into an episode of Saved by the Bell. John Corbett is wasted as the Dead Boyfriend Primo and Gina Gershon tries her best to chew the scenery and ends up choking on the poorly written dialog.

If this film has any merit it would be the attempt made to try and be somewhat original. The animation thrown in is Cool World-esque and, one only assume, used to get ahead of the inevitable 90’s throwback surely coming our way. And it does distract from the lackluster performances and clichés peppered throughout this attempt at a film.

My Dead Boyfriend is easily forgotten and should be ignored. The movies and TV show mentioned above are a better way to spend some time on the couch. At least when you watch those you won’t envy the title character of this movie.