Jane returns to church, Catalina’s suspicious behavior continues, and Rafael drops a bombshell, all on this episode of Jane the Virgin.

At the top of the hour, Jane has breakfast at her mom’s house, and Alba treats her to an extra helping of Catholic guilt. Apparently, it’s been awhile since Jane’s gone to church, and Jane tells Rafael that she’d like to start taking Mateo with her. Raf agrees to try it but takes Mateo out the minute he starts fussing. Outside, seeing the church reminds Rafael of an odd moment from his childhood. Using this info, Michael, Jane, and Rafael discover some stolen art in the Marbella, which Rafael admits he knew was there but hid to protect his father’s legacy. One of the pieces was stolen from a convent, so Jane and Rafael take a tour of it.

There, Rafael continues to remember things, eventually talking with a nun who was in his memory. The nun gives him his real birth certificate, which he shows to Jane at the end of the hour. The certificate reveals that Rafael isn’t actually a Solano, leaving him with even more questions about his past. Jane, meanwhile, talks to a nun as well and admits that her faith was tested when Michael was shot, and that’s why she’s been skipping church. Jane also delves into Alfred Hitchcock this week, looking to add some suspense to her novel and treating us to some fun homages along the way.

Elsewhere, Catalina continues to drive Michael and Jane crazy, forcing Jane to ask her to leave. Catalina says she has to chair some big event in New York anyway but instead crashes with Rafael. Jane sniffs around and tries to figure out how she could bail on it, eventually looking in Catalina’s bag. To be fair, there was a suspicious amount of jewels and cash in it, but that doesn’t appease Catalina when she sees Jane going through her stuff. Jane’s cousin gives her an excuse about customs and yada yada, which Jane completely eats up because of how bad she feels. However, as was alluded to last week, Catalina is hiding something: soon after, she kisses a mystery man who suggests that the jewels are his.

Meanwhile, Rogelio spills the beans about Xo and Bruce, and Jane learns that Xo knew Bruce was married the first time around. Rogelio also ramps up his search for a procreator, er, girlfriend by joining a celebrity matchmaking group. He doesn’t feel a connection with any of the women there, but the leader of the group, Darci, offers to have a baby with him instead. She thinks their shared “aging narcism,” means they’ll be good co-parents, and Rogelio agrees to it. At the end of the hour, he happily tells his family the news, which is followed by bewildered looks all around.