Jane meets her cousin, Rogelio considers his feelings, and Xo makes progress on her dance studio, all on this episode of Jane the Virgin.

The episode picks up right where last week’s left off: with Jane’s cousin Catalina showing up out of the blue. She and Jane hit it off immediately, so Catalina ends up staying longer than expected. Michael’s a little irritated, but Jane’s thrilled, at least until Catalina meets Rafael and sparks fly.  Jane tells Michael that she feels weird about it but just because she hasn’t known her cousin for very long. However, when Jane asks Rafael not to date Catalina and Raf tells Michael, Jane’s hubby accuses her of being jealous. Soon after, though, Michael realizes that Jane isn’t jealous of the potential relationship, she’s jealous of Catalina’s exciting life. On a mission to prove that they’re anything but ordinary, Michael and Jane perform a well-received rendition of “Locked Out of Heaven” to a crowded bar. It’s not exactly world travel, but it’ll do.

Alba is also sent reeling from Catalina’s visit, albeit in a different way. Feeling distant from Jane, Alba agrees to have dinner with Catalina. It starts off well, with the two laughing about Alba’s childhood. However, when Catalina shares a lie her grandmother told her—namely, that she was in love with Mateo Sr. before Alba was—Alba yells that Catalina and her grandmother are the same. Jane is less sure, but she and Alba talk and end the hour in a much better place. Jane also tells Catalina that she should hang out with Rafael, and the two have a very successful first date. However, afterward, there’s a little something in Catalina’s eye that suggests Alba may be right about her.

Meanwhile, Scott tries to win Petra back but, when he’s unsuccessful, sues her for sexual harassment instead. Looking for a quick solution, Petra tells Rafael he can continue living at the Marbella if he backs her up in court. He says he’ll only do it if she also gives back his shares, but Petra realizes it’ll be cheaper to just pay Scott off. When Scott refuses her offer, Petra agrees to become equal partners with Rafael, and he convinces Scott to drop the suit. However, a secret meeting with Rafael reveals that Raf told Scott the truth about who he fell in love with and convinced Scott to bring the lawsuit as payback.

Elsewhere, Rogelio helps Xo get her dance studio off the ground, using his celebrity to get a great deal on rent and even helping her paint. In the process, his feelings for her are rekindled, and he even shares a sweet story about the first time they met. He goes to tell her how he feels, only to see Xo kissing an old flame. Heartbroken, he reminds himself why they broke up and decides that now may be the perfect time to have another kid.