Rafael and Michael bond, Jane and Alba fight, and Petra gets her revenge on Aneska, all on this episode of Jane the Virgin.

At the start of the hour, Jane encourages a gym date between Rafael and Michael. It doesn’t go all that well because they don’t have a lot in common (Michael likes to talk, Raf doesn’t. Michael likes Game of Thrones, Rafael’s not a fan, etc.). Making matters worse, Michael spots Rafael meeting up with a married woman afterward. Michael spills this to Jane, leading to an even bigger rift between the two guys.

Rogelio, meanwhile, gets an audition through a film producer friend of Rafael’s but learns that the scene requires nudity. After an extremely awkward conversation with his family, he agrees to do it. He also finds out that Rafael and Michael are fighting and takes it upon himself to fix it. He essentially kidnaps the two of them but has to bail for his audition when they get a flat tire. Rafael very helpfully lends Rogelio his shirt (thank you, Jane writers), and he and Michael get to work on the car. At first, they bicker, but a brief Mateo-related scare—kid crawls fast!—leads to genuine apologies from both of them. Rafael also explains that the woman was just another film producer friend and that she’s not married. They also realize that they both like soccer, giving them at least one non-Jane thing in common.

Rafael also schemes with Jane re: faux Petra, which first involves convincing themselves that an identity switch is even possible. Eventually, they decide to set up a teddy bear cam in Petra’s room to see if they can spot anything suspicious. After a couple of nights, Rafael hears “Petra” talking about killing someone over the phone, and he busts into the real Petra’s room. With him there, Aneska can’t administer the paralytic, finally giving Petra a chance to speak. Rafael asks her her name and she says she’s…Aneska?

Rafael feels ridiculous and leaves, while Petra tells Aneska that if he knew the truth then the shares he sold “Petra” earlier wouldn’t be valid. Petra tells Aneska that she has to break up with Scott, so naturally, they get engaged instead. Petra decides to handle it herself, but meets with a potential buyer first. Afterward, Scott accepts the breakup quite easily, telling her that if she’s willing to walk away from the Marbella, then he understands why she would walk away from him. This leads to an epiphany for her, and she goes to tell Rafael that she’s staying. However, there is a catch: she orders him to sell his sister’s shares to the buyer. She also comes clean about Aneska, saying that being nice left her paralyzed and alone, so she’s done being nice. And I gotta say, I don’t really blame her.

Elsewhere, Alba finally gives Jane her sister’s letters. Unfortunately, Jane makes a connection with a cousin online, leading Alba’s sister to call her. Alba’s furious with Jane, but Jane tells her that knowing her family is important, and she has to go against her grandmother’s wishes on this one. At least Jane gave Alba a heads up, because at the end of the hour Jane’s cousin shows up at her and Michael’s. Finally, Xo has what she thinks will be her last dance recital, at least until her family convinces her to open a studio of her own via an adorable “Beauty School Dropout” fantasy sequence. Only on this show…