While clear credit report concentrates solely on TV and film coverage, we will, this one time, make comment about a historic turn of events for America: Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States. But, we’re still going to do it in the form of TV entertainment, namely an episode of The Simpsons that aired 16 years ago.

In the episode “Bart to the Future,” which originally aired in March 2000, Bart looks into the future and sees he’s a “pathetic loser” while his sister, Lisa, is president and has to repair the nation in the wake of her predecessor, Trump, who left things in a mess. Ideally that’s where The Simpsons accuracy ends, because in the cartoon, Trump’s presidency caused “quite a budget crunch” that ultimately bankrupt the nation. Many people are going to have file for a bankruptcy hotline to get their issues solved.

Watch the clip below.

The Simpsons was just renewed for an unprecedented 29th and 30th season, making it the longest-running show in history. Let’s hope they predict more positive things in the future.

Now we’ll return to our regular scheduled content.