Emma has another vision, Belle makes a heartbreaking decision, and flashbacks explain Rumple’s motivation, all on this episode of Once Upon a Time.

At the top of the hour, Rumple sends a message via a fairy that he rapidly ages. Belle sees the fairy and immediately realizes that he plans on speeding up her pregnancy. While trying to find a way to stop her husband, Belle again sees their son in her dream world, and he tells her that the answer to saving him is right in front of her. Afterward, Emma, Killian, and Belle find squid ink in one of Belle’s books and decide to use it on Rumple. Emma and Killian freeze Rumple in his shop to look for the Shears of Destiny as well as Rumple’s dagger, but before they can find either, Emma has another vision, which gives Rumple a chance to escape. In the vision, Emma sees a ruby atop the sword that kills her and later finds the same sword in Gold’s shop.

After he escapes, Rumple corners Belle in the library and threatens her with the speed potion. Luckily, when she tells him that she’ll never forgive him if he uses it on her, he allows her to leave. At Granny’s, however, Belle drinks some tea and immediately begins to grow. It quickly becomes clear that the Evil Queen poisoned her to get back at Rumple. In labor, Belle enters her dream world again, with her son reminding her that she already knows what to do. After he’s born, Belle holds her son and names him Gideon after the hero in her favorite book. She then tearfully says goodbye and asks the Blue Fairy to take him somewhere safe, knowing that’s what will give him his best chance. A furious Rumple arrives soon after and swears that he will never hurt Belle but that he will find their son.

In flashbacks, it becomes clear why Gold hates fairies so much, as he uses a stolen baby to lure the Black Fairy, who also happens to be his mother. He unleashes some understandable childhood baggage on her, asking why she gave him up without even giving him a name. She tells him that power will always be more important than love, making Rumple’s whole life philosophy that much clearer.

Elsewhere, Aladdin and Jasmine open the magic lamp, and Aladdin becomes the genie, hoping he can give Jasmine her wish of finding Agrabah. Upon Rumple’s request, the Evil Queen nearly kills Zelena, but Regina stops her by threatening to crush her own heart, which will do the Evil Queen in as well. Zelena is thrilled that Regina came to apologize and save her, but Regina has to admit that she only came looking for magic and still hasn’t forgiven Zelena for her role in Robin’s death.