The Evil Queen outsmarts Emma and Regina, Henry proves his worth, and Belle tries to break free of Rumple, all on this episode of Once Upon a Time.

At the start of the hour, we see the ramifications of last week’s curse. Snow and Charming make each other breakfast, leave sweet notes and flowers, and generally try to make the best of never seeing the other awake.

Understandably preoccupied, they’re not much help to Emma and Regina, who come up with a plan to trap the Evil Queen inside an enchanted mirror. Always one step ahead, the Evil Queen swaps the mirror for another and traps Emma and Regina instead. In the mirror world, they find the Dragon, who was banished there by the Evil Queen. Unfortunately, she kept his heart just in case and uses it to turn him into his animal counterpart. She orders him to kill Emma and Regina, and he nearly succeeds.

Luckily, they’re saved by Henry but not before he’s faced with a terrible choice. See, after she banishes Emma and Regina, the Evil Queen impersonates her kinder self (and also allows us to marvel at Lana Parrilla playing the Evil Queen playing Regina). Her Majesty even goes so far as to help Henry with his date. Unfortunately for her, the Evil Queen is a little too off-putting as Regina. Henry sees right through her and gets away thanks to Violet, who’s become quite quick on the uptake.

Just as he finds Regina and Emma in the mirror, Mom #3 shows up and gives him his choice: either watch his moms die or smash the Dragon’s heart to save them. Henry insists that she’ll never darken his heart and smashes the mirror instead. This sends Emma and Regina back through, and, with an assist from Hook, the Queen is forced to retreat. Afterward, Henry and Violet have a sweet makeup date at Granny’s. Watching from afar, Emma and Regina can’t help but marvel at the nearly grown kid they raised.

Elsewhere, Belle enlists Zelena and Aladdin to help her return to the Enchanted Forest. Aladdin steals a wand from Gold that Zelena can use to open a portal, but Rumple snatches it away before she gets a chance. He also outfits Belle with a bracelet that prevents her from leaving Storybrooke. The model of healthy marriage, these two! Aladdin also steals a magic lamp from the shop and gives it to Jasmine. He warns her that the genie is no longer inside, but that maybe the person who is can help them find Agrabah.