The Walking Dead‘s Maggie is back and badder than ever.  In a scene reminiscent of the Breaking Bad showdown in which Walter White tells his adversaries, “Say my name,”  Maggie is done groveling.

A miraculous recovery from a pregnancy mishap is just a blip to the new Maggie. Having watched the horror of her husband’s death at the hands of Negan, new Maggie is focused and ready to take action. Could she be the leader of the uprising that will eventually take out Negan?  We’ve seen signs among others in the community that they’re not going to willingly accept their vassal status. So, it looks like we’re in for several weeks of plotting, planning and then – blammo!

This week’s recap:

*** Maggie awakes at the Hilltop, where Sasha has brought her for its superior medical treatment (they have an actual doctor!).  Maggie still has the baby, but she has a placental separation, which requires a lot of bed rest. Maggie also doesn’t have Glenn, who died from a Negan-induced head bashing. She now must move forward in the world, but first, she must deal with Hilltop leader Gregory’s request that she get out. Despite the doctor’s advice to stick close for the remainder of her pregnancy, Gregory is worried that Negan will find out that the Hilltop collaborated with Alexandria in the murder of Negan’s outpost. Thus, condition or no condition, Maggie must leave. But despite the pleas of their friend, Jesus, there’s no way to stay.

*** Back in Alexandria, Enid is heading out to seek her mentor, Maggie.  Along the way, Carl catches up, and they fortuitously find some roller skates on the side of the road. For one brief moment, they can be kids again, skating down the highway to the Hilltop and laughing all the way.

*** In the middle of the night at the Hilltop, chaos ensues. Fires have been set, and an abandoned car has had it radio turned on full blast. There’s a hole in the fence that walkers are pouring through, and it’s going to take some quick action to stop them. Despite the admonishment that Maggie should stay out of the conflict – after all, she has a delicate condition – she instead dives right in, operating a bulldozer that kills several walkers and crushes the car and silences its radio. We learn later that she performed a similar stunt on an old boyfriend back in pre-collapse days.

*** The Hilltop receives a visit from the Saviors, who are there for their share of half of the colony’s production. Maggie and Sasha hide in a closet so that there’s no ties to Alexandria visible to the arriving bandits. But there’s been a change in command among the Saviors, since the other were murdered. The new head Savior is Simon, an edgy Negan lieutenant who does his best to unnerve Gregory and humiliate him. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, and no amount of groveling will change that. When Gregory tries to buy good will by presenting a bottle of scotch, he’s rewarded by Simon taking the whole case.

*** When Enid and Carl arrive at the Hilltop, they see the Saviors loading their plunder. That’s when Enid realizes that Carl is still on a mission to kill Negan, and agrees to help him. Their pact is sealed with a kiss, and now it’s clear that Carl intends to take out the head Savior or die trying.

***  After the Saviors depart, Maggie and Sasha emerge from the closet to confront Gregory, and Jesus joins them. They confront Gregory and tell him his days of running the show are over. There is no more leader, although Gregory can be the titular head. One other thing – Gregory has a bad habit of butchering Maggie’s name. No more of that. She’s Maggie Rhee. Learn it, sucker!

*** Later, we see Sasha ask Jesus if he can locate where Negan lives. The implication is clear. She wants revenge for Abraham’s death at Negan’s hands. Jesus agrees and hitches a ride on a departing Savior truck. But already inside the truck is Carl, who also aspires to discover where Negan resides.

Next week:  How many others in the various communities are ready to rise up against Negan?  Will alliances be formed?  Will a cold-eyed Maggie be the leader of this revolution, joined by Sasha, Michonne and Enid, all of them committed to freedom?  The men aren’t doing much, so it’s likely that this will be a different kind of revolution.