The Evil Queen makes a wish, Rumple and Belle reach a truce, and the hooded figure is finally revealed, all on this episode of Once Upon a Time.

At the start of the hour, Emma, Hook, and Regina get into a fight with the Evil Queen, with Emma realizing that she can use the bedazzled sword from her vision to hurt the Evil Queen. More importantly, she discovers she can do so without hurting Regina. Feeling nervous, the Evil Queen commandeers Aladdin’s lamp and uses it to grant one of Emma’s wishes. Emma is promptly whisked away to a version of the Enchanted Forest where she was never the Savior. Instead, she’s the princess and daughter of an appropriately aged Snow and Charming, with her son Henry on his way to knighthood.

Before Emma can get too comfortable in the wish realm, Regina realizes that she too is a master of the lamp and commands Aladdin to send her there. After flagging down the dwarves and laughing at how weird her friends are in this twisted world, Regina seeks help from Rumplestiltskin. He tells her that Emma needs to face a villain to become the Savior, and Regina gets the message. She begrudgingly dresses like the Evil Queen and half-heartedly interrupts Henry’s knighting ceremony to kidnap Snow and Charming. She hopes this will awaken Emma’s inner hero, but Emma shows up meek and scared, offering Regina the key to her kingdom instead of trying to protect it. Even killing Snow and Charming in front of her isn’t enough to activate Emma’s Savior complex, and Regina surmises that Emma has no other choice because of the wish.

However, despite not being one herself, Emma did still manage to raise a hero, and Henry tries to kill Regina after she murders his grandparents. Seeing her son nearly become a murderer, it turns out, is exactly what Emma needed to wake up. She uses magic to stop the blade from hitting Regina and tells her that she remembers everything. The two happily meet up with Rumplestiltskin, who promised Regina a magic bean in return for freeing him. He actually delivers, but, thanks to an ill-timed thwunk! nearby, they miss the portal anyway. The reason? Robin Hood’s on the other end of the arrow that caused it, and Regina can’t tear her eyes away from her departed love, despite Emma’s insistence that he isn’t real.

Back in Storybrooke, Rumple and Belle are horrified to learn that the Black Fairy disguised herself as Blue and kidnapped their son. They’re even more concerned when he arrives back in town fully grown and rocking the same hood as the man who kills Emma. He does also turn the Evil Queen into a snake, so at least he’s trying to win people over first? Elsewhere, Jasmine uses Aladdin and the lamp to find Agrabah, though we don’t yet know if they were successful.