Jane the Virgin

Jane and Michael bicker, Petra and Rafael call a truce, and Catalina finally leaves town, all on this episode of Jane the Virgin.

Many characters were at a crossroads this episode including Jane and Michael. Michael stresses about his LSAT while Jane works on a draft of her novel. They both get on each other’s nerves (temporarily ending the honeymoon phase). However, at episode’s end, they admit they’re worried they won’t be successful in their respective careers. They reassure each other that, worst case scenario, they have to move into Jane’s childhood home. This helps Michael finally get a decent score on his practice test and gives Jane the confidence to turn in her draft. Alba encourages Jane as well, tearfully thanking her for telling her story.

At the Marbella, the typical backstabbing and deception occur, starting with Petra and Catalina. Petra hears that Rafael is going to break up with Cat and bribes her to take him out for their last date. Catalina does this but ends up realizing how much she cares about Raf in the process. She tells him the truth about Petra, and Rafael races back to the hotel to bust his ex. He finds the cameras, but Petra admits how traumatizing the whole paralysis thing was (fair enough). She tells him the cameras are just to help her paranoia and that she destroyed the addendum to his father’s will. He forgives Petra, apologetically ends things with Cat, and seems to be in the clear. Unfortunately, Scott and Aneska, who never actually left town, get their hands on the will. Scott intends to use it, but the narrator ominously warns of the chain of events that will set off. Dun dun duuuun.

Elsewhere, Rogelio plans the final episode of Tiago and annoys his cast and crew by re-shooting it multiple times. He also ruins his date with Darcy because of how stressed he is. Luckily, he comes up with the perfect ending and makes things right with his lady love. Coming next week, Rogelio de la Vega: Movie Star.