Jane the Virgin

Michael makes a big decision, Petra gets her groove back, and Rogelio has an epiphany, all on this episode of Jane the Virgin.

After a too long hiatus, Jane and Co. have finally returned! I hope Jane got a chance to chill over Christmas because pretty much everyone in her life needs her help this episode. Starting things off was the hubs, Michael remains frustrated by desk duty and finally decides to quit his job. He flirts with becoming a car salesman, then tries his hand at stand-up comedy. Despite a passable (and hilarious) Judi Dench impression, Michael ends the episode considering law school. He points out that it’s somewhat similar to his old job, and Jane completely supports him. I keep waiting for the newlyweds to hit a bump in the road, but they remain the model of perfect marriage.

Jane also has her hands full with Xo, who’s still seeing her old flame, Bruce. Jane’s not pleased about the whole thing but agrees to give Bruce a chance. She even has a nice dinner with them, presumably because everything’s easier to take with wine. Unfortunately, Bruce breaks up with Xo after his teenage daughter, Tess, gives him an ultimatum. Tess still sees Xo as the other woman—and fair enough, much as I love Xo—but a conversation with Jane helps her see that if her dad has changed, then maybe Xo has too. I don’t think the foursome will be planning family game night anytime soon, but they’re definitely moving in the right direction.

Like Jane, Xo gets a chance to show off her disapproving side. Rogelio begins the episode still set on having a baby with Darcy, but Xo makes her concerns known when she meets the potential baby mama. Xo eventually apologizes and promises Darcy that Rogelio has a supportive family. Unfortunately, that may not be the only issue; at the end of the hour, Rogelio and Darcy realize that he has feelings for her.

At the Marbella, Rafael continues to romance Catalina, but Jane discovers a secret that put a serious damper on the relationship: Catalina is married! Jane’s cousin tells Rafael that it was only a couple months ago, and she’s planning on getting divorced immediately.  He somewhat buys this, less so when Jane sees Catalina kissing her husband again. However, at the end of the episode, Jane sees Rafael and Catalina together again, so who knows?

It could be that Rafael is still reeling from Michael’s confirmation that Rafael is not, in fact, his parents’ biological child. Rafael also finds out that his father’s will specifies that his fortune only goes to his biological children, though a lawyer reassures Raf that it doesn’t matter as long as no one else knows. However, Petra, still understandably upset about Rafael not realizing that Aneska had, you know, paralyzed her and stolen her identity, bugs Rafael’s room and discovers the truth. I have a sneaking suspicion she may not keep it as quiet as Rafael would like, but we’ll have to wait and see if her truly devious side has returned.