ScreenPicks was able to sit down with the comedic genius Jillian Bell and twins Max and Charlie Carver to talk about how fun it was to make Fist Fight, working with Tracy Morgan and their future projects.

Q: Describe the experience working with Ice Cube and Charlie Day in this hilarious film.

Jillian Bell: I was so excited when I heard who the cast was and I read the script and it all just came together. I was like I need to be a part of this project. I have been a fan of Charlie’s for so long. When I’m having bad day I will actually go on and watch It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia bloopers from any season, because they are hilarious. He’s just a fabulous actor and comedian. And Cube and I actually worked together in 22 Jump Street. He is so sweet, complimentary, and funny actor.

Max Carver: Oh my god! It was a blast! It was like this little comedy campus because we were all in the same spot. We were all in this decommissioned high school in Atlanta. It was so fun to be around some of the funniest people in the world trying to one up each other. And they are such wonderful people. Ice Cube still scares me.

Charlie Carver: It was amazing. We literally took over a high school and we captained by some of the funniest people on the planet and we were all stuck there. It was a masterclass for us. And everyone was so nice. Ice Cube still scares me, too. No doubt about it.

Q: What was it like to improvise with Charlie since you were such a big fan?

Bell: It’s really great when you are in a scene and you can tell when someone is supporting you while it’s happening. He’s very supporting and very giving and he also makes me laugh which is good for any improv situation because you’re raising your game and you’re trying to match that person. I was really excited when the posters came out and they had a picture of my face where I’m yelling and it had one of my improvisations, which was “Whoever dies first haunts the school!” There were quite a few others too that stayed in the final cut so I am happy about that.

Q: What do you like about improv?

Bell: Usually the scripts I am lucky enough to get to do are usually already funny so it’s sort of like letting this tiger out of the cage in my brain. Just allowing myself to sort of play, because that’s what it is. We are grown adults who put on weird make up and playing. Having someone create this character for you and you being able to add something to that’s specific. So when you improvise you get add a little bit more of that.

Q: How was it working with Tracy Morgan on his first film back?

Bell: It was really inspiring to work with him. I have always loved him since his SNL days and been a huge fan of his and it was really cool to get to work with someone who has been through so much as of recently and came through it. It’s amazing. And just being around his energy gives you a lot of perspective.

Q: Have you ever been in a fist fight?

Bell: I have never been in a fist fight. But I saw one once in my high school. And it was the coolest thing ever, like, there are two people I know who are fighting right now. It was so bizarre. And this teacher came out to stop it and got in the middle and accidentally got punched and then everyone ran away because we were terrified.

Q: Did you guys get into fights a lot as brothers?

Max: 100%. We have been practicing that one little punch in the movie for years.

Charlie: I threw threw the punch in the movie.

Max: But in real life it would have been the other way around. One of the horror stories – we used to live in one room growing up. And that quickly changed because we built a wall going down the middle. One time Charlie was playing a bugle in my ear and I punched it and it went down his throat.

Charlie: And when I pulled it out my tonsils were on the end of the mouth piece. That was trip one to the hospital. We were about 10 or 11.

Max: We’ve never been in a fist fight where we go for the face, though. I am passionate about boxing. But I’m not a fighter, I’m a lover. And I certainly enjoy a laugh or two. But I may or may not have been in a couple of fights. I am more surprised that I haven’t been punched in the face.

Q: What it’s like working as twins in the business?

Max: It’s interesting. The cool part about being twins is that we certainly have a niche in this business, it’s what got us started. I mean we came to LA to go to school and we got picked off the street and we had never even acted before and on our third audition was for Desperate Housewives and BAM! Off to the races. We loved working together, but at the same time we have both always had different interests. I would like to say that we look a little different, as well.

Q: Jillian, can you talk about the remake of the 1984 hit Splash you are doing with Channing Tatum?

Bell: Me playing Tom Hanks’ character is the coolest thing that I have ever gotten to say in my whole life. I haven’t met Tom yet, but hopefully I will get to because this. I mean, it’s Tom Hanks so I would lose my mind if I get to meet him. I believe the first draft is close to being done. Marja Ryan Lewis is writing and she is incredibly talented. Channing’s production team actually introduced me to her. And we hit it off.

Q: When did you first know that your career was taking off?

Bell: Maybe with Workaholics. But I still feel in this place where I get something and I’m “Are they sure?” So I definitely don’t feel like I have taken off at this point. It’s a slow journey, which I want it to be. There’s a reason why I didn’t do publicists or any of that, I just want my work to speak for itself. It’s crazy. I feel very lucky to do what I do and to work with people that truly respect and just laugh all day. I haven’t had a bad experience yet.

Q: What other roles would you like to play?

Bell: I would love to play a witch. I don’t care if it’s comedic, dramatic, the scariest thing or like a kids film, I want play a witch. I would love if the fist dramatic role I had was a dramatic witch. I would love to play a part in a murder mystery because Clue is my favorite movie of all time. Tim Curry is like my number one inspiration.

Q: Max and Charlie, where do you see your careers in the future?

Max: I think as long as the material is good and it’s got twins in it, we’re into. And we have been starting to play with separating things out. Charlie has some awesome stuff, aside from Fist Fight, he’s got When We Rise coming out and he did a great job in that. And we love acting but we have always had this dream since we were little kids where we would kind of shoot movies and write our own stories. So we are getting into production and writing and development.