Rafael finds his zen, Rogelio makes another career decision, and Jane begins to move on, all on this episode of Jane the Virgin.

This episode, the first since Michael’s death, largely stayed in the “Three Years Later” time that was teased at the end of last week’s hour. However, Michael’s presence was felt, especially as Alba convinced Jane to “let a little light in” soon after Michael’s passing.

And, it seems, she did. In the present, Jane lives with Alba and Mateo and is largely happy. She and Rafael are best friends, dealing with Mateo’s behavioral issues as a harmonious parental unit. He’s also Jane’s sounding board for other things, like her job. She still works for the same publisher and is thrilled when her boss chooses her novel for a special reading. However, she also gets sad just beforehand; it turns out this novel is about her relationship with Michael, with one heartbreaking twist: in this version, they get the happy ending. Rafael tells her she can get through it, and a publisher even calls later to make an offer for the book. Jane’s ecstatic but gives herself a minute that night to cry about Michael, listening to the last message he ever left her. Only this show could make me cry about street fruit of all things.

As mentioned, Rafael and Jane are best friends now, though he’s also dating Minka Kelly, er, Abby and has been for a year. He did his time in prison and is very zen now—Petra jokes that he’s the only man to come out of jail softer. He and Petra are also in a good place, and their twins are utterly perfect, much to Jane’s chagrin. However, even though their bickering game remains strong, it turns out that the two women actually lean on each other now, having brunch every week to check in.

Petra also spearheaded a massive rebranding of the Marbella, making it more kid-friendly. In the process, she started having hate sex with Chuck, a Miami bro type who owns the hotel next door, though she starts to wonder if he actually has feelings for her when he helps with a property line issue. And, let’s be honest, the Marbella’s going to need all the help it can get; at the end of the hour, some kids find a skeleton on the beach with a name tag that reads “Scott.” I’m no expert, but that might put a damper on the “kid-friendly” vibe.

Elsewhere, Rogelio and Darcy are three years into their reality show, never had a baby, and now despise one another. Everyone involved is glad when the show comes to an end, especially Xo, who became the show’s villain against her will. However, after Rogelio is offered a pickup for his pipe dream, “Passions of Steve,” in exchange for one more year on the reality show, Xo assures him that she can handle a few more nasty internet comments. She also still has a bit of a spark with Rogelio, though she and Bruce now live together.