Petra tackles parenthood, Raf makes a big decision, and Rogelio faces a career setback, all on this episode of Jane the Virgin.

This was a big one, folks. I think we’re all going to be talking about that last moment for a while, but let’s break down what happened first. For starters, Petra finally gets a win of sorts as she successfully takes care of the twins solo. She also runs into Aneska and Scott, who quite gleefully tells her they have a copy of Emilio’s will. They also try to blackmail Rafael with it, but, realizing he wants to be a better role model for his kids, Rafael decides to come clean instead. He also tells Petra he’s going to plead guilty to last season’s ill-fated scheme. Right now he’s looking at nine months in prison, which I think might be a bit of a step down from life at the Marbella. Luckily, a newly confident Petra reassures him that she can handle the kids if he decides to admit his guilt.

Meanwhile, Rogelio plans a family and friends screening of his new indie film—with Jane and Alba begging him to warn them before his, er, big scene. He does, but it turns out to be for nothing since they cut the majority of it in post. The paparazzi catches him in a rather unfortunate meltdown afterward that, of course, winds up all over the internet. However, instead of being upset about that, Rog is more concerned about Darcy, who was on the receiving end of said meltdown. He apologizes quite sweetly at the end of the hour, so at least they leave the episode in a good place.

In other relationship news, Xo faces a test of sorts in her relationship with Bruce. First, she begs Jane to have lunch with Bruce and his daughter Tess. It’s rocky at first, but Jane and Tess soon bond over Jane’s apparently cool neighborhood. Maybe a little too much, in fact, because drunk Tess shows up on Jane and Michael’s doorstep that night—and just after they got rid of Catalina, too. Jane takes Tess to Xo and Alba’s, they briefly lose her, and Alba gets a chance to show off her mad drunk teen finding skills. Xo kind of sort of rats Tess out to Bruce, but in a way that makes Tess respect her more if that makes any sense. At any rate, it looks like the teen drama may be on the decline.

Finally (and I’ll fully admit to putting this part off), Jane and Michael contend with his upcoming LSAT and a potential publishing job for her. Michael continues to study hard, so Jane treats him to a night at the carnival before his big test. We’re also treated to some very cute flashbacks, as it turns out the carnival is where, four years ago, they decided to start dating exclusively. In the present, Michael helps Jane land the job by pointing out an obscure geographical blip from the Ferris wheel. Jane realizes it makes the non-fiction memoir she’s reading inaccurate and impresses her new boss with her attention to detail.

Michael and Jane also have a pregnancy scare (kind of this show’s bread and butter at this point), but it ends up being a false alarm. It does, however, make them realize that neither are entirely opposed to having another kid right now. In retrospect, that blissful moment is when I should have realized things were about to go south. Because yes, as was often teased by the narrator, Michael did love Jane until his dying breath. His dying breath just happened to occur much, much sooner than we would have hoped. Right after finishing his LSAT, in fact, as a result of trauma from his previous gunshot wound. We see Jane get the call but then flash forward three (!) years to Jane and four-year-old Mateo getting ready for someone’s wedding. I’m curious to see who the lucky couple is, but it’s one of about a million questions I have heading into next week’s episode.