The Marbella faces a PR crisis, Rogelio lands in hot water, and a ghost from Jane’s past returns, all on this episode of Jane the Virgin.

Throughout the hour, Petra and Rafael deal with the ramifications of Scott’s death. Despite Petra’s best efforts, the news leaks to the press, but, luckily, Dennis (Michael’s old buddy) confirms that the body was on Chuck’s property, not the Marbella’s. Thanks to some extra footage from Rogelio’s show, he also rules the death an accident, as a drunk Scott was shown talking about swimming. It’s also thanks to the footage that we get what I hope is the first of many one-on-one scenes for Petra and Rogelio where they’re completely unable to understand one another’s accents.

Petra manages to smooth things over with the public by commissioning a memorial statue for Scott, as well as reminding people where the body was found. She also helps Chuck, and he assumes that she’s actually starting to like him. While that may be true, it turns out she also just feels guilty. Apparently, desperate to avoid bad press, Petra pushed the body onto Chuck’s property. Knowing this show, that will definitely come out soon. My money’s on when Petra and Chuck finally hit relationship bliss.

Petra and Rafael also deal with a new–and terrible–lounge manager, someone Rafael eventually admits he met in prison. At Petra’s insistence, he agrees to move the guy to maintenance, but Raf turns out to have a bigger reason than “helping a guy out” for keeping him at the Marbella. At the end of the hour, the two meet outside and both express relief that Scott’s death was ruled an accident and not a murder. I don’t think they actually killed the guy, but it doesn’t look great.

Rafael’s friend’s dismissal frees up the lounge manager job for a very familiar face: Jane! Our leading lady starts the episode receiving more info about her book deal–specifically, the $50,000 payout. Elated, Jane quits her job in a blaze of glory, only to be brought down by the news that she won’t receive most of the money until the book is actually published. Knowing that won’t cut it, she begrudgingly starts the process of begging for her job back, but Rafael convinces her to take the manager position instead. He reasons that she’ll be happier there and promises to fire her when her book is published, as any true friend would.

Jane also dives back into her feeling just after Michael died, though not of her own accord. As mentioned, Michael’s friend Dennis is on the Scott investigation, so Jane runs into him at the Marbella. She immediately slaps him, and it’s revealed via flashback how they got there. Evidently, she and Dennis began spending time together after Michael’s death, helping each other through their grief by sharing stories about Michael. However, about five months after his death, Jane caught Dennis taking pictures of Michael’s journals, and he revealed that there were concerns about Michael’s work on the Sin Rostro case. Jane felt betrayed and didn’t talk to him again after that. In the present, it’s not exactly smooth sailing after that first encounter, but Dennis does explain that he was only trying to clear Michael’s name. As a result, Jane says she’ll consider joining Dennis for the occasional (sanctioned) boxing match.

Finally, Rogelio spends the hour apologizing to his entire family, as Darcy secretly sent Xo a damaging tape from the show. In it, Rogelio agrees that Xo can be portrayed as the villain, even though he swore to her he knew nothing about it. After a round of apology baskets, Jane and Alba mostly forgive him, but it takes a little more with Xo. Eventually, Rogelio admits that he okayed it soon after Xo moved in with Bruce and that he wanted to hurt her a little bit. Xo doesn’t totally forgive him but does warm to him by the end.