Xo makes a decision, Jane comes to a realization, and everyone questions their parenting skills, all on this episode of Jane the Virgin.

After a couple of weeks off, Jane was back last night in top form. At the start of the hour, Jane and Rafael meet with Mateo’s new aide, Alex, who plans on observing Mateo before learning about his history. In the midst of this, Mateo finds time to guilt trip his mom about visiting his classroom less than “Aunt” Petra. This leads Jane to run for room mom against incumbent Petra. After some pointed election commentary—“this time free of Russian intervention!”—Petra and Jane realize that neither of them actually wants to be room mom. Instead, they were both running to make up for their parenting insecurities. Both women then sweetly reassure each other and team up to pick the perfect room mom: Rafael. Judging by the swarm surrounding him earlier in the episode, the other moms will have zero problems with that decision.

One of Jane’s other struggles this week is whether or not she wants to start dating. She feels like she might be getting close but remembers that, according to her grief group, she won’t be ready until she can tell the story of Michael’s death without crying. At the end of the hour, Jane and Rafael meet with Alex to discuss Mateo, and Jane finally reveals the possible trauma he could have because of his step-father’s death. Alex is shocked and tells her that Mateo’s behavior is just normal kid stuff, not at all related to Michael’s death. Jane’s immensely relieved, even more so when Raf points out that she told the story without tearing up. Alex also tells Rafael that Mateo doesn’t have abandonment issues from his dad’s prison stint and that Mateo’s just generally a happy, healthy kid. Amazingly, Jane and Rafael don’t even get into the “kidnapped when barely out of the womb” stuff, though that might have scared Alex off.

Like Jane, Rafael also reassures Petra about her parenting, which naturally ends with the two of them sleeping together. Chuck, meanwhile, is still mad at Petra about moving Scott’s body, even more so when the police question him about Scott’s burn book. They also question Petra about the book: specifically, a missing page in it. She confesses to Rafael that she did tear a page out but only because it was full of nasty things Emilio said about him.

Elsewhere, Xo feels off the entire episode, telling Jane that thinking about her wedding to Bruce just makes her anxious. Rogelio, meanwhile, spends one of his customary “Sunday Fundays” with Mateo, getting fitted for custom-made suits, an activity that four-year-olds historically love. To be fair, they do look pretty cute in their matching suits. After taking Mateo home, Rogelio tells Jane that the kid issue with Xo isn’t a deal breaker now; spending time with Mateo has filled that void in his life. Jane feels like she has no choice but to tell Xo, especially since her mom is having doubts about Bruce. Sure enough, that knowledge is enough for Xo and Bruce to realize that she still has feelings for Rog, leading them to end the engagement. Farewell, Bruce. You actually stuck around longer than I thought you would.