Bruce quits, Jane gets back out there, and Rogelio starts his new show, all on this episode of Jane the Virgin.

This week’s episode was all about flirting. Specifically, how easy it is to misread kindness as romantic interest. Jane found this out the hard way when she convinced herself that Mateo’s aide, Alex, was into her. She let him down gently, only to be horrified to learn that he was just being nice. Hoping to help her get back in the game, Rafael drags Jane out to Chuck’s hotel where, with Petra’s help, Jane winds up talking to a guy but derails things with mention of her dead husband. She shares the ordeal with Michael’s ex-partner, Dennis, when they spar the next day, and he ends up asking her out. They have a nice time, but Jane also realizes that she may not be quite ready to date, though she’s happy she put herself out there.

Fresh off sleeping together, Petra and Rafael play a similar game of “are they flirting with me?” Both agree that the sex was a one-time thing—which obviously means it won’t be—but Rafael convinces himself that Petra’s flirting with him at the bar. Instead, she’s trying to make Chuck jealous, leading Rafael to realize that he has genuine feelings for her. Unfortunately, Chuck overhears Petra tell Raf that she’s too good for Chuck, so it takes one bull ride and a missing tooth to convince him otherwise. Petra and Chuck share a sweet smooch at the end of the hour as a bummed out Rafael looks on.

Petra also gets questioned by the police again, who tell her that they know she moved Scott’s body but are willing to overlook it if she can help them find Aneska. Petra emails her sister but only to tell her that she won’t be able to reach out for awhile. Dennis and his partner read the email at the police station and are convinced that Petra helped Aneska get away with murder.

Elsewhere, Rogelio starts work on his new show—loosely based on Gulliver’s Travels, naturally—, but he has to get that pesky lawsuit out of the way first. Unaware that Xo and Bruce broke up, Rog is shocked when Bruce quits on the day they’re supposed to meet with the judge. That is, until Xo admits that they broke up because she’s still in love with Rogelio. Rog’s so happy, he doesn’t even care that his entire salary next year will go toward the lawsuit. However, he might care about his young, strapping new co-star, though not as much as a clearly affected Jane.

Finally, Alba becomes quite the flirtatious minx this episode, asking Jorge when he’s taking her out and making out with him at a mini golf course when he does. She also does the most badass walk of shame the next morning, to Jane and Xo’s astonishment. At least someone was reading the signals right!