Petra confesses, Jane meets her editor, and Rafael comes to a realization, all on this episode of Jane the Virgin.

This week, Jane takes a big step in her novel and meets her editor for the first time. She tries to keep an open mind, but is disappointed that he’s a bit of a “bro.” Things start off bumpy, as Jane disagrees with one of his notes but thinks she has to take it anyway. When she confesses that she doesn’t think it’s right for her novel, he immediately agrees and suggests that she beef up the love triangle with the “Rake character” instead. Jane thinks it’s good for the book, but feels guilty until Alba tells her that honesty isn’t disrespectful to Michael’s memory. She then completes her rewrite, which lets all of the characters play around in Jane’s sepia-toned world: Rafael as–you guessed it–the mustachioed Rake, Petra as Rake’s scheming wife, and Alba as, well, typically wise Alba.

In the real world, Rafael realizes that he’s not in love with probably-too-normal-for-this-show Abbey. She asks him to move in together, and he consults both Jane and Petra. Petra first tells him that Abbey’s great and he definitely should, then, after a couple glasses of wine, that he shouldn’t because he’s clearly not in love with her. And, naturally, Abbey overhears this. Jane, meanwhile, completely supports it, but can’t do anything about the fact that Rafael is probably still in love with her, a.k.a. the real reason he ends up saying no to Abbey.

Of course, Abbey still thinks it’s Petra’s fault and quickly finds an opportunity to get her revenge. Early in the episode, Raf asks his prison buddy to check Petra’s room for what turns out to be Scott’s burn book, Mean Girls style. However, Petra comes back for her phone and catches him in the act. She checks to make sure the book is still there, but Abbey catches her in the act of doing so. At the end of the episode, Michael’s friend Dennis receives the book anonymously but pretty clearly from Abbey.

On the bright side, Petra also wins the award for most charming TV drunk this week. As mentioned, she has a few too many glasses of wine at a fundraiser for the kids’ preschool, and, in addition to being extra honest about Raf’s love life, is also prone to slipping into her native tongue and flirting aggressively. Chuck’s on the receiving end of that last one, leading him to promptly end his poker night and cozy up on the couch with Petra instead. Unfortunately, that moment is when Petra realizes that she likes Chuck too much to continue lying, so she confesses to moving Scott’s body. Chuck’s clearly mad and ignores her excuses, leaving Petra heartbroken, at least for the moment.

Elsewhere, Rogelio gets sued for leaving the De La Vega Factor Factor and hires a fancy celebrity lawyer to defend him. He wins the first case, but then gets sued again (Rogelio doesn’t do anything halfway, after all). This leads Rogelio to propose that Bruce be his lawyer. Bruce agrees, but, unfortunately, is also in the middle of a proposal of his own at the time: asking Xo to marry him. Xo gets the gist, despite Rogelio’s presence, and happily says yes as Jane and Alba look on. Rogelio, however, looks less happy about this proposal than he did his own.