Rumple helps his sons, Robin tries to leave Storybrooke, and Hook makes a big mistake, all on this episode of Once Upon a Time.

This was a jam-packed hour centered around Rumplestiltskin in the past and present. In flashback, we learn that Rumple ended the oft-mentioned First Ogre’s War soon after becoming the Dark One. Unfortunately, he did it at the expense of Beowulf, a knight who was hoping to have the glory for himself. Following the war, the village continues to be scared of Rumple’s dark magic, worried he’ll use it on them instead of their next enemy. Beowulf, however, is mostly annoyed and tries to taunt Rumple into killing him. Unfortunately, at the time, Rumple’s first son, Baelfire, is holding the dagger, and he commands his father to kill Beowulf. Devastated, Rumple refuses to let Baelfire’s soul be darkened the way his is, so he slips the boy some memory tea. Baelfire remembers nothing but assumes that Rumple killed Beowulf on his own, further damaging their father/son relationship in the process.

In present-day Storybrooke, an eerily similar situation plays out, as Rumple tries to stop his other son, Gideon, from killing Emma and darkening his own soul. Gideon reveals that most of his evil tendencies stem from one horrible experience with the Black Fairy. Following the same logic he did with Baelfire, Rumple tries to give Gideon some memory tea to erase it, but Gideon figures out what it is. Angry, he steals Rumple’s dagger and commands his father not to stop him. As the hour continues, Gideon discovers that he needs the Blue Fairy’s magic to kill Emma, though this will render the Blue Fairy comatose until her magic is restored. Just as Gideon’s about to take the fairy’s magic, Rumple appears and does it himself. This way, he later tells Belle, they can help their son without damaging his soul.

Elsewhere, mission “stomp on Regina’s heart” continues, as Robin teams up with Zelena to get past the town’s protection spell. They use the ingredients that Robin stole from Regina, but Regina quickly realizes they’re missing. She catches them at the town line—Evil Queen-turned snake in tow—and tells them that breaking the spell won’t work. Sure enough, the protection spell holds, so Robin traipses off to the woods instead. There, the Evil Queen slithers up and bites him, using the magic trace on his skin to resume her human form. Grinning, she offers to show Robin around the town and, naturally, he’s into it.

Finally, Emma spends most of the hour MIA, while Killian tries to think of a way to tell her that he killed her grandfather. At the end of the episode, he’s ready to share the truth with his lady love and heads home to find…Emma, who’s back from the world’s longest canoe trip and accidentally found her engagement ring in Killian’s chest. She tells a stunned Hook that, of course, her answer is yes, leading him to propose instead of coming clean about killing Charming’s father. Don’t think that’s what Emma had in mind when she said “no walls,” but I guess you can’t have everything.