Emma confronts Hook, Regina turns over a new leaf, and a surprising couple gets their happy ending, all on this episode of Once Upon a Time.

This week’s hour began in the Enchanted Forest, with the pre-curse Evil Queenyou guessed ithunting Snow White. After the Queen nearly catches Snow, Tinkerbell stops by to remind her of the man with the lion tattoo, a.k.a. Robin Hood, and her chance at true love. The Queen gets angry but allows her father to distract her with a new plan. He shows her one of her mother’s spell books, which he says will help defeat Snow White. However, the Evil Queen quickly realizes it’s actually a ploy to convince her to pursue things with Robin. She manipulates the magic to show her the person she hates the mostmirror, mirror and all of thatbut is horrified to see only herself.

In present-day Storybrooke, the Evil Queen has a different vendetta in mind: destroy her better half. To do this, she recruits Wish Robin to dig up the Shears of Destiny, and then uses him to lure Regina to her, er, their office. Regina goes in knowing it’s a trap but is confident that she can finally defeat her former self. She doesn’t stop the Evil Queen from separating them and even wins the fight. However, as she has the Queen’s heart in hand, Regina happens to look down at a shattered mirror and briefly sees the woman she used to be. Instead of crushing the Evil Queen’s heart, Regina combines it with hers, then separates the two of them, so that both women have a bit of light and a bit of dark.

Regina and the Evil Queen then have a nice heart-to-heart (a sentence I never thought I’d type), where the Queen reveals that she sent Robin back to the Wish Realm and Regina promises her counterpart a fresh start. She asks Henry to write the Evil Queen to a place where she can start over, which, naturally, ends up being the Wish Realm. At least some version of Regina and Robin got to be happy.

Elsewhere, Hook continues to wrestle with his secret: he killed Charming’s father. He wants to tell Emma and seeks advice from Nemo, who’s apparently been hanging around Storybrooke. Nemo wisely recommends that Hook either come clean or learn to forgive himself for what he did. Unfortunately, Emma catches Hook burning his memory of the incident, leaving her hurt and confused about why he didn’t trust their relationship enough to tell her. She gives him the ring back, and, believing all is lost, he decides to take a trip with Nemo’s crew.

Just before they’re about to depart, Snow catches Hook on the docks and tells him about what Regina did. She explains that even the Evil Queen got a happy ending and expresses how happy she is about his engagement to Emma. It’s enough to convince Hook that running away isn’t the answer, something he goes aboard the submarine to tell Nemo. Unfortunately, while he’s doing so, the sub starts to sink. Gideon’s work, as it turns out. You see, he can’t have Hook around for what he plans to do in Storybrooke, leading a heartbroken Emma to believe that Hook is gone for good.