It was Golden Moment week on The Walking Dead. The hoariest TV trope of them all was featured several times during the episode, as our characters really got to know each other on a human level.

Of course, in a show about civilization’s collapse, that can be pretty absurd. Once again, the walkers were reduced to brief cameos in the plot line, quickly dispatched if they got in the way as our characters strode purposefully forward.

This week’s recap:

*** Maggie has the first of the golden moments, sitting down with Jesus (she came to him, so it can’t be a “come to Jesus” moment) and finding out that he’s gay, as he casually drops a reference to boyfriends in his past. Jesus later discovers Sasha rooting around his cabin for bullets, and while he begs her not to go off on her mission with Rosita to kill Negan, he’s no rat. Enid, on the other hand, who discovers Sasha’s thievery with him, has no such compunctions. She gives Sasha ten minutes before she’ll go tattle to Maggie.

*** But suddenly, there’s another disruption to worry about – the Saviors are coming, and they’re earlier than expected. Simon and his crew meet Gregory inside the big mansion, and after some freighted small talk – we’ll call this Golden Moment No. 2, since there is an attempt at understanding – the Saviors deliver some bad news They are taking the Hilltop doctor, Harlan Carson, back with them. Turns out he’s the brother of the doctor Negan tossed in the furnace last week. They need a replacement, so off he goes. He does have some ice cream to look forward to, as Simon helpfully notes.

*** Daryl and Maggie have hidden in a root cellar when the Saviors arrive. They are both wanted by Negan for various reasons, and finding them would be a death sentence for both. But a brute of a Savior is nosing around, and he comes into the basement and takes some supplies. Daryl, fearing discovery and holding a big knife, is about to make his move, but he’s held back by Maggie. Good thing, as the big brute lumbers away, leaving them undiscovered. There’s relief in the air, but Daryl starts sobbing. He’s felt guilty ever since Glenn’s death, feeling he caused it by his attack on Negan. Maggie assures him it’s not his fault, and they hug it out. Golden moment No. 3.

*** Sasha and Rosita have escaped the Savior visit by high-tailing it out of the Hilltop compound via a hidden tunnel. Now they are headed to the Sanctuary home of Negan, hoping to use the lone bullet in their possession to take him out. Along the way, there’s bickering between the two. Rosita still hasn’t forgiven Sasha for stealing Abraham away from her, so she insists that any conversation be strictly about the plan. So it is that Sasha determines they will take a shot at Negan from a nearby building next to the Sanctuary. They have one shot. “I won’t miss,” says Sasha, confidently.

*** While they wait for Negan to step outside, they spy Eugene in the compound. He’s giving orders and strutting around, but because they weren’t at Alexandria when he was captured, they believe that he’s there against his will. So they determine that rescuing him is part of the plan.

*** Negan steps outside, but they can’t get a clean shot at him. Rosita and Sasha have some time to kill, so they launch into the night’s fourth Golden Moment, a heart-to-heart talk about how unjust it is that Abraham was killed on his knees. Naturally, the talk turns to their rivalry, and Rosita confesses that Abraham was the first guy she felt something for out of the many who shared her bed after the collapse. Sasha admits that she felt something too, and that Abraham was happy with her. They seemingly reconcile, but now it’s time to do some dirty work.

*** They head to the fence, and as they’re cutting through, they see Eugene. We’re taking you out of here, they tell him. But Eugene, who has grown fond of the pickles and authority of the place, refuses to go, and takes off. Now there’s trouble – will he bring the guards on the run? Sasha makes a bold move – she quickly closes the fence, leaving Rosita standing on the other side. There’s no need for both to go into the compound, she says. She’ll do it solo, and we see her run off, as the sound of machine gun fire rips the air.

Next week: with two episodes left, it’s looking like things must quickly resolve themselves in the long-anticipated war with the Saviors. Who’s on board? Who will rat out the attempted coup? (We’re betting on Gregory, that weasel). And will the war go to the good guys or the Saviors? It promises to be a larrupin’ good time in the next two.