Jane markets her book, Petra gets caught in a lie, and Luisa returns to town, all on this episode of Jane the Virgin.

This week’s hour found Jane looking for a fling and potentially finding one in Fabian, Rogelio’s uber attractive co-star. After a bumpy startRogelio accidentally spilling the beans to Jane’s crush—Jane and Fabian go out for coffee. Things are looking good, at least until Fabian reveals that he was just trying to help Jane get twitter followers so he could impress Rogelio. Jane’s in the midst of trying to sell herself as an author, hence the new interest in social media. It works, she gets into the Miami Book Fair but has to come to terms with talking about her backstory—and Michael’s death—while promoting her novel there. Because she’s Jane, she manages to get through it, even gaining three whole fans in the process. Added bonus? Fabian comes to the fair and asks her out again.

Fabian tells Rogelio that he was trying to impress him because he admires him as an actor and wants to bond. Of course, stroking Rogelio’s ego is usually the way to his heart, so Fabian’s surprised when Rog turns him down for mani-pedis. But, as Rogelio later admits to Xo, the last man he did mani-pedis with was his best friend Michael, and he’s not quite ready yet for another one.

Meanwhile, at the Marbella, the cops convince Petra to make Aneska come back to town, threatening her with impeding an investigation if she doesn’t. They assure her they only want to ask Aneska some questions but actually arrest her as soon as she arrives in Miami. A panicked Aneska calls Petra from jail, telling her that she’ll throw her dear twin under the bus if Petra doesn’t help get her out.

Aneska’s return also prompts a little jealousy from Chuck, who doesn’t love how protective Rafael gets about Aneska being back in Petra’s life. Petra could have used that protectiveness when she was, you know, paralyzed for six months. Chuck tells Petra that Rafael clearly still has feelings for her, which Petra dismisses pretty unconvincingly.

Rafael also has his hands full with Luisa and her new lady love, who is, of course, Rose in a mask. It turns out Raf’s old prison buddy is actually his PI, Elvis, as he suspects Luisa’s girlfriend could absolutely be up to something nefarious. Elvis bugs Rose and Luisa’s room but, when Rose rightfully gets paranoid, the two end up switching rooms. As the narrator says, they don’t call her a crime lord for nothing. This culminates in Rose nearly getting discovered with her mask off, and she tells Luisa they have to leave right away. Luisa, however, is less sure; she’s finally in a good place with Rafael and would really like to meet his kids.

Elsewhere, Alba tells new beau Jorge that she doesn’t want to have sex before marriage. At first, she thinks it’s a deal breaker, and he thinks she broke up with him—miscommunication knows no age—but it turns out he was just surprised. He reassures her that he’s fine with waiting and that he’s excited to see where their relationship goes.