Hook sees a familiar face, the Black Fairy wreaks havoc, and Regina works to wake Snow and Charming, all on this episode of Once Upon a Time.

At the start of the hour, we flashback to Storybrooke’s Time of the Dark Cursea.k.a. pre-Emma’s arrival. David is still in a coma, while Snow thinks she’s merely Mary Margaret, visiting a John Doe in the hospital. She brings him a pixie flower she finds growing in town, not realizing that the dust from it will wake him up. But wake him up it does, and with his memories of their lives as Snow and Charming intact. True love’s touch is all it takes for Snow to remember as well, and they quickly decide to use another flower to find Emma.

Unfortunately, Reginawho really was quite terrible in the first seasonis bound and determined to stop them. Also complicating matters is Rumplestiltskin, who was woken by Charming and warns him that they’re only ten years into what’s supposed to be a twenty-eight-year curse. Basically, if they reunite with Emma now, then she’ll never become the Savior. Worse still, the entire town will never remember who they really are.

Snow and Charming eventually manage to get both Regina and Rumple off their tail, and the pixie dust provides them a literal door to Emma. Charming is ready to walk through it, but Snow convinces him that they need to save the town over their daughter’s childhood. Devastated, they close the door and drink a memory-erasing potion, which causes them to forget everything until Emma arrives eighteen years later.

In present-day Storybrooke, Snow and Charming decide that Emma needs both of her parents as she prepares for her Final Battle. They individually urge Regina to do whatever she can to break the Sleeping Curse, but it turns out the Evil Queen put a failsafe in place. Their hearts begin to weaken, meaning that they’ll both be asleep by days’ end. Luckily, the pixie flower that worked in the flashbacks will also work here, though it only crops up where extreme evil lives.

Coincidentally, the Black Fairy is now in town, so Emma and Snow have no trouble finding an entire field of pixie flowers. Of course, the Black Fairy shows up before they can pick any and orders Gideon to destroy the field. However, as Rumple later notes, Gideon still has some of Belle in him, so he’s able to fight off the Black Fairy’s control long enough to leave one flower behind. Emma and Snow bring it to Regina, and Snow prepares to finally reunite with her one true love.

At that moment, Killian’s shadow flies through the window, bringing his hook and a mysterious object, but no Killian. Emma thinks he must be in trouble, and Snow insists that Emma use the pixie dust to find him instead. Snow then collapses next to Charming, and Emma goes through a door to Neverland.

In Neverland, Killian is indeed in trouble, as he and frenemy Tiger Lily went on an ill-advised mission. Earlier in the hour, Tiger Lily rescues Killian from the Lost Boys but only so he can do her a favor: deliver a weapon that will help the Savior defeat the Black Fairy, a big enough evil that all of the realms are concerned. Killian tells her that he’s trying to get back home to the very same Savior, and Tiger Lily tells him about a tree in the Lost Boys’ camp that still has some of Pan’s magic. When Killian uses the magic, he’s dragged down by the Lost Boys, while his shadow makes it to Storybrooke. Emma bursts through the door at the exact right time and saves Killian.

Back in Storybrooke, a relieved Killian again apologizes and proposes, and Emma immediately says yes. Afterward, Regina proves that they can have their cake and eat it too by coming up with another plan to wake Snow and Charming. She gathers the citizens of Storybrooke in her office and convinces each of them to drink a little of the sleeping curse, thus diluting it enough tofinally!wake Snow and Charming.