Zelena makes a sacrifice, the Black Fairy’s plan takes shape, and the Charmings begin wedding planning, all on this episode of Once Upon a Time.

This week’s hour gave our favorite green frenemy a chance to shine, starting with a flashback to Oz. As a teenager, Zelena uses her magic to help a boy save a baby bird, sparking a friendship that fell to the wayside as Zelena rose to power. Years later, the boy, Stannem,now an adultvisits his old friend asking for help. The Wicked Witch of the North cast a spell that will turn him into a tin man unless Zelena helps him retrieve a heart. It’s guarded by a lion who turns out to be quite cowardly, leaving Zelena and Stannem free to nab the heart. However, Zelena quickly realizes that the heart needs her magicall of her magic—to work. She refuses to give up her power, even when Stannem tells her that she’ll always be alone. Unconvinced, Zelena takes the heart back to her castle and leaves her friend there to rust.

In present-day Storybrooke, the Black Fairy pays Zelena a visit at her farmhouse, preying on the witch’s desire to prove her worth. Taking the bait, Zelena informs Regina and the gang that she’s going after the Black Fairy alone, but they refuse to support her decision. Unperturbed, Zelena convinces perpetually-out-of-the-loop Belle to watch baby Robin, though Regina soon figures out what her sis is up to. The two wind up trapped in the mines with the Black Fairy and Gideon, and the Fairy uses Zelena’s magic to weaponize the crystals she’s hoarding. It turns out she needed the magic of a tortured soul, making Zelena the perfect target. Regina’s furious that Zelena let it happen by taking on the Black Fairy alone and suggests that she go back to Oz.

Zelena seriously considers it but instead fetches the Tin Man’s almost-heart. She brings it to the heroes and says that she can use it to drain her magic, thus powering down the Black Fairy’s crystals. With Emma and Regina’s support, she does just that, which stops the Final Battle for now. Zelena also finds a way to wake the Blue Fairy, while a nervous Black Fairy tells Gideon that Blue is the only one who knows why she gave Rumple up.

Elsewhere, Snow convinces Emma, Hook, David, and Henry that this is as good a day as any to plan a wedding, though she has to interrupt some Hook and Emma “pancake” time to do so. I’m restarting my “let Hook and Emma makeout” campaign if anyone wants in. The marrieds-to-be are pretty agreeable about venues and whatnot, but David takes issue with every one of Snow’s ideas. He eventually confesses to Snow that he doesn’t want Emma’s special day ruined by darkness the way theirs was. Snow thinks the wedding will be a sign of hope for the town but also admits that she’s worried they or Emma will die before they get the chance to celebrate. Emma and Hook overhear and agree that waiting is the best option; they want to get married because it’s the right time, not out of fear that the Black Fairy will win before they get the chance.