Emma and Gideon team up, Hook tries to return home, and Henry loses control of his powers, all on this episode of Once Upon a Time.

At the top of the hour, Gideon and Emma continue their conversation about Hook, with Gideon telling her that Hook can’t return home until she helps him defeat the Black Fairy. That, coupled with Rumple’s description of his mother as the root of all evil, leads Emma to agree to help Gideon. They start in the sorcerer’s house but run into trouble when they accidentally set a giant spider free. Gideon pretends to fight it alongside Emma but eventually leaves her there to die. However, in a rare moment of decency, Rumple shows up and saves her life. Emma’s grateful but also tells Belle and Rumple that their son is evil and must be stopped.

In flashback, we learn how Gideon got to that point. The Black Fairy was, and is, even crueler than Gideon made her out to be. As he mentioned before, the Black Fairy did indeed torture one of his friends as he listened, and he did choose to let it happen even though his cell door was open. Later on, we find out that Gideon believed his friend died that night, at least until the same friend shows up several years later as the hero Gideon should have become. Gideon’s friend manages to help him find his own inner hero and suggests that they contact another realm’s Savior. However, the Black Fairy kills his pal before they have the chance to do so. Gideon’s devastated, even more so when the Fairy takes his heart, revealing that Gideon’s actions since arriving in Storybrooke haven’t been his own.

In the present, Regina tries yet again to break the Sleeping Curse on Snow and Charming but gets distracted when Henry goes into a trance of sorts. He scribbles various symbols on a page, and Regina, panicking, takes him to Issac, the old Author. After being promised freedom and a car he can drive to New York, Issac says that Henry’s author side is taking over because their story is coming to an end. Apparently, Emma’s final battle—the one with Gideon—is the last chapter in the book. After relaying the information, a cheerful Issac drives off as a worried Henry and Regina look on.

Elsewhere, Hook uses some gems from Agrabah to win a trip back to Storybrooke, betting them and the Jolly Roger against one of Blackbeard’s magic beans. Hook ends up losing on purpose and tells a disgruntled Blackbeard that his ship is back in Storybrooke, thus forcing the pirate to open a portal. Of course, as Gideon tells Emma, there is stronger magic keeping Hook from his love, so the bean sends both him and Blackbeard to Neverland instead. There, the Lost Boys chase the pirates, with Blackbeard eventually escaping via a rowboat but leaving Hook behind.