Xo and Rogelio’s big day arrives on the season finale of Jane the Virgin.

In true Jane fashion, this episode centered around love. Namely, the idea of choosing love vs. it being meant to be. At the start of the hour, a freshly ordained Jane meets with her priest to get some ideas for her parents’ wedding. There, he reminds her of a letter that Michael wrote her before their wedding, something that Jane completely forgot. In the midst of planning and re-planning Xo and Rog’s nuptials after a hurricane hits, Jane makes her way back to the first home she shared with Michael, hoping to find his letter under a loose floor board. Unfortunately, she comes up empty for the time being.

Xo and Rogelio, meanwhile, are dealing with more than just the weather, as Darci, Rogelio’s one-time reality co-star, tells Jane that she’s pregnant with Rogelio’s baby. Xo and Rogelio sadly decide to postpone the wedding while they figure things out, but, after coming to Rog’s defense while meeting with Darci, Xo realizes that there are no deal breakers in her relationship with Rogelio. They decide to have the wedding that day anyway—at the Marbella because that’s obviously the only venue in Miami.

At the ceremony, Jane talks about her parents’ love not being meant to be and says that they had to work hard for it instead. Afterward, Petra’s assistant brings Jane the letter from Michael; apparently, the previous tenant found it and held onto it. Jane tearfully reads the letter as Michael recounts the series of coincidences that led to their first meeting. What’s also meant to be? The man who delivered the letter, who just happens to be Jane’s first love, Adam. Outside the Marbella, Jane says that she never thought she would see him again, as dozens of paper cranes float up around them. Feels pretty meant to be to me.

Amazingly, Jane also finds time for more awkwardness with Petra and Rafael, as Petra’s paranoia about Raf and his first baby mama is back in full force. To be fair, Jane does still have feelings for Rafael, leading Raf to walk in on Petra kissing Chuck in a moment of weakness. When Rafael can’t deny that things would be different if he knew Jane wanted to be with him, Petra ends things. Afterward, however, she’s excited when Raf texts her that he made a mistake and asks her to meet him outside. There, Petra finds a gun-toting Anezka, who shared a cab with Luisa and put the pieces together about Petra’s jail setup. Rafael, meanwhile, finds himself facing an angry sister as well, as the same cab ride led Luisa to discover her father’s secret will. She settles into Raf’s office as Petra stares at her sister’s gun, leaving us with one heck of a cliffhanger