Xo considers her relationship, Lina returns to town, and Rafael shares a secret, all on this episode of Jane the Virgin.

This week’s hour accomplished a lot, but perhaps nothing quite as important as its conversation about immigration. At the start of the episode, Jane tries to convince a frustrated Alba to march with her, but Alba’s too nervous about her green card status to do so. She also gets mad at herself when she doesn’t speak up as a woman at the Marbella tells a customer speaking Spanish that she should go back where she came from. However, after some encouragement from Mateo, Alba decides to march and even tries to get beau Jorge to go with her. He flatly refuses, and she surmises that he’s undocumented. Instead of viewing that as confirmation that she has a right to be afraid, Alba promises to march for both of them.

Also at the Marbella, Chuck continues to insist to Petra that Rafael has feelings for her. After awhile, she starts to think he might be right and asks Rafael about it. Reflecting on an earlier conversation with Jane where she urged him to be sure of his feelings, he denies it. Rafael also lends Petra his PI to try to get to the bottom of the Scott mystery, as there’s a pretty damning tape of Petra pretending to be Aneska talking to him just before his murder. They figure out that a man named J.P. is the likely culprit, and Aneska confirms said man is Chuck. Naturally, this comes to pass just after Petra has 1) headed out of town with Chuck and 2) received a voicemail from Rafael confessing his love for her.

As for our leading lady, Jane happily continues Mission Fling with Fabian, but he reveals that he’s recently decided to hold off on sex until he’s in a committed relationship. Jane then spends most of the hour insisting to everyone that it will never get to that point because they’re too different. However, after talking to a few people, she reconsiders, and she and Fabian spend a fun, romantic night getting to know each other.

One of the people who convinces Jane to give Fabian a shot is Lina, and the narrator quickly gets us caught up on why she hasn’t been seen in the “three years later” future. It turns out that she was around for the first year after Michael’s death but then moved to New York. After that, she and Jane slowly lost touch, at least until Jane runs into her in Miami. They make plans to hang out, but it’s awkward, and Lina ends up bailing early. Fabian convinces Jane to track Lina down before she leaves town, so the two head to the restaurant where Lina is tasting cakes with her new fiancé. In the bathroom, Jane and Lina have a nice heart-to-heart, where Jane says she felt abandoned, and Lina reveals that she didn’t know how to share her problems with Jane without feeling like they were trivial. The two tearfully make up, and Lina gives Jane a push toward finding her own happiness.

Elsewhere, Xo worries that she’s moving too fast with Rogelio, but he tells her that he doesn’t think they’re moving fast enough. And, after he overhears her talking about not living together until marriage, Rogelio worries that she’s backing out of the relationship. However, in reality, Xo wants to move just as fast as Rogelio and proposes to him on the set of his show. As the narrator points out, this is hardly their first proposal, but that doesn’t make it any less sweet.