Xo and Rogelio plan their dream wedding on this episode of Jane the Virgin.

As is often the case, Jane found herself in the middle this week, starting with her parents. At the beginning of the hour, they tell her they want a big, extravagant fairy tale wedding.  Xo also asks Jane to be her maid of honor, making her the first one to meet with the wedding planners. After the planners tell Jane that her mom will look ridiculous in a princess gown at her age, Jane insists they do what Xo wants. They end up quitting, so, in a classic Jane overcompensation, she offers to plan the wedding herself. Unfortunately, her parents have pretty specific desires, with Xo really wanting white horses and Rogelio lavender colored desserts. This leads Jane to use…

Fabian, who she was planning on breaking up with, at least until she heard about his random access to white horses.  Before she gets the horses though, Rogelio accidentally spills the beans about the planned breakup, and Fabian realizes that Jane’s using him. He calls Jane a slut, leading to the lamest parking lot fight with Rogelio, where hair and faces are obviously off-limits. After a dressing down from the network execs, Rogelio has to miss his and Xo’s joint bachelor/bachelorette party to work. Jane and Xo have the sweetest—and drunkest—mother/daughter party instead, at least until Rogelio skips out on work to take Xo on a (miniature) white horse and carriage ride.

Meanwhile, Rafael’s frustrated because Petra hasn’t given him an answer in response to his declaration of love. He asks Jane if she can encourage Petra to give him another chance, but Jane vows not to get in the middle. Eventually, though, when Petra hilariously yells that Jane is her only friend, she caves and agrees with Petra when she lists the reasons it’s a bad idea. Petra uses this as confirmation that she’s right and tells Rafael that they shouldn’t make a go of it again, though she won’t deny that she has feelings for him. After Petra mentions that she talked it over with “a friend,” Rafael surmises that said friend is Jane and gets mad that she didn’t go to bat for him. When pressed, Jane admits that she does think it’s a bad idea.

Soon after, Petra overhears Rafael telling Luisa that his cancer is back. She confronts him about it, and he reassures her that it was just a trick to get his sister back to town. Petra’s tearfully relieved, and it gives Raf enough hope to apologize to Jane later on, but not enough for Petra or Rafael to admit that maybe they should try again. But, after watching the two of them together, perpetually-stuck-in-the-middle Jane realizes that she might have been letting her own feelings get in the way. After more than a couple of bachelorette party shots, she confesses to Xo that she’s worried she won’t get the fairy tale and that if Petra and Rafael get back together, then she and Mateo will become the extra people in their lives.

Her parents leave for their carriage ride soon after, and Jane calls Rafael to confess as much. He reassures her that would never be the case, and Jane ends up playing go-between with Petra and Raf, eventually coaxing Rafael to Petra’s door for a reunion. Rafael’s cancer ploy, meanwhile, paid off big time, as Luisa and a masked Rose return to the hotel. There, the cops unmask Rose, and both women are arrested.