Xo and Rogelio reveal their news, Petra gets caught in the middle, and Jane finally has her fling, all on this episode of Jane the Virgin.

At the start of the hour, Jane’s bro-editor calls her with some news: Cosmopolitan wants her to write a column on dating as a widow. Luckily, Jane happens to be dating Fabian, though he’s weirdly started turning their dates into book clubs. When pressed, Fabian assures Jane that he’s still attracted to her and even offers to take a celibacy break. Jane’s understandably excited at first—have you seen Fabian?—but ends up feeling relieved when she has to bail. Instead of a night of passion, Jane’s treated to pretty much the exact opposite: trying to explain Mateo’s complicated conception after the kiddo starts asking questions. Her explanation doesn’t quite do the trick, so Rafael comes over to offer an assist. As Mateo falls asleep, Rafael also tells Jane that he left Petra a message confessing his love but doesn’t think that she got it.

Jane was grateful for the Mateo interruption, mostly because she still has a pretty warped relationship with sex, though she does tell Alba that she doesn’t regret waiting. She heads back to Fabian’s the next night, completely ready to do the deed, but things take a strange turn when his grandma shows up. It’s clear that, even though he is physically attracted to her, Fabian’s far more interested in the innocent, “take home to Grandma” part of Jane. She calls him out on it later, saying that he made assumptions about what she wanted. Fabian agrees and apologizes, and, after Xo reassures her one last time that she shouldn’t feel guilty, Jane gets her first time post-Michael out of the way. Jane’s dilemma also allows for a terrifically committed Sex and the City parody, because why not?

Elsewhere, Xo and Rogelio tell a thrilled Jane about their engagement but insist that they want a small wedding. Jane and Alba are both surprised by their choice, at least until Xo privately tells Alba that she and Rogelio agreed a big wedding might remind Jane of her own. Alba understands but spills the beans after Jane mentions that she does want them to have a big wedding. Jane tells Xo and Rog that having them back together is her dream come true, and she wants to celebrate that. That settled, they happily begin planning the big day, with Rogelio obviously taking the reins.

At the start of the hour, Petra’s still in the car with Chuck, completely unaware that he’s actually J.P. They arrive at a shady hotel, and Petra gets a chance to check her phone. When she does, she finally hears Rafael declare his love for her. After Raf hears that Chuck is a person of interest in Scott’s murder, he tries to call again, this time to warn her. However, Petra, rattled by his previous message, ignores the call. Luckily, she eventually puts it together on her own and escapes, but Chuck catches her long enough to explain. He assures Petra that he only knew Scott through a deal gone bad and that he saw a woman on the beach the night of his murder. He also confesses that he was skittish all day because he was trying to tell Petra that he loves her. Two confessions of love? Not bad for a day’s work, Petra.

Back home, Petra’s still not sure that Chuck is innocent. Knowing she’s got enough on her plate, Rafael keeps his feelings to himself, assuming that she never heard his message. However, when Petra admits that she did, Raf confesses his feelings in person. Before she can respond, Dennis and Co. show up at the door with a sketch of the woman Chuck saw on the beach. Rafael and Petra both gasp when they see who it is, though we don’t get a look at it yet. But it’s Rose, guys. It’s obviously Rose.