There are some great movies that deal with social issues and lifestyles that are against the grain. Then there is Below Her Mouth. A poor attempt at best, an insulting caricature of lesbians at its worst.

Directed by April Mullen, the movie tells the story from the point of view of Dallas (Erika Linder), a roofer who spends her days working the blue collar lifestyle and her nights trolling bars for women to take back to her place and have torrid sex with before she unceremoniously kicks them out the next morning in search of her next conquest. When she meets Jasmine (Natalie Krill), a young woman who is engaged to a man, she flips her and the two begin a torrid affair.

The myriad of ways Below Her Mouth is bad cannot be over stated. The acting is fine, and every single person in the movie is over-the-top attractive, which takes the viewer out of the moment. Movies that try and show people suffering through daily life and coming to terms with who they really are should feature at least a few actors who are below the “L.A. 9 range.” This is one of the first films to feature an all female crew, which is fine (especially given the lesbian subject matter), and that might be the only positive thing to take away from this, though you wouldn’t know it by watching this attempt at a movie.

The camera work is so shaky it makes the Blair Witch look like they used a steady came. It is literally nausea inducing. It would make the film unwatchable if it wasn’t for the incredibly poor script. There is not a single character you want to root for. The main character is a sex hungry jerk, her love interest is an adulterer and the rest of them are vapid hang-arounds used to move the dialog along.

The fact that this picture had any theatrical release is a testament to whoever was their publicist. That person should be given an award. Everyone involved in this film in front of the camera should not feel too bad (the sex scenes were pretty good, though they belonged on late night Skinemax). Everyone involved in this film behind the camera should hope their job at Applebee’s is still available after its release.