You know those movies that you couldn’t have been bothered to see in theaters, but now it’s on TV and you’re bored on a Saturday afternoon so you’re like, eh, what the hell? Well, that’s Snatched.

It follows Amy Schumer as lazy, Instagram addict Emily, who begs her mom to join her on the extravagant getaway to Ecuador that she definitely couldn’t afford as a stock girl (?) at a Forever 21 (esque) shop in the mall after her douchey, musician boyfriend (Randall Park) dumps her.

Oh yeah, also all of her friends refuse to join her — she owes them money, or was a wreck on their last trip, what a winner — so she forces her basically agoraphobic mom Linda (Goldie Hawn) to join since the trip was, in fact, nonrefundable.

This poor woman. Her gullible, self-obsessed daughter puts both of their lives in danger over an attractive, pretentious Australian man (Tom Bateman) who promises a stunning, yet obviously dangerous date.

He spends all this time talking about his travels and how he doesn’t have any social media because he’s just so busy living his amaaazing life. Come on, Emily. If you were reading this off of his Tinder bio you know you would’ve swiped left. And I mean, come on, why would a guy you just met want to bring your mom along for the date? That didn’t seem weird?

Anyway, you’ve seen the trailer/posters, hell, even the title… they get kidnapped. And then it turns into this kind of wild adventure movie haphazardly mixed with an emotional mother-daughter reunion. Although I will say I enjoyed Christopher Meloni as an overenthusiastic adventure guide looking like he popped up straight out of Jumanji or Disney’s Jungle Cruise ride.

Snatched is very Amy Schumer-esque, although please do not compare it to Trainwreck because it’s really not on the same level. A lot of the jokes are kind of over the top. And, like, I get that it’s a comedy, so we’re meant to suspend reality a little bit, but let’s just say there were a lot of blackout sequences and I may have missed a joke or two wondering how “old” Linda with her super bad knees managed her way through a massive jungle.

Wanda Sykes and Joan Cusack are high points of this wacky comedy, as quirky duo Ruth and Barb that Emily and her mother meet at their fancy shmancy resort – though Ruth would have rather vacationed elsewhere, or so she says multiple times.

It’s a fun cast and the mother-daughter bonding aspect is cute, if not a little saccharine, and it’s great to see Goldie Hawn in a film again. (Though I have to admit it feels kind of like a shame that this is her first one in 15 years or whatever.)

But all in all I wouldn’t say Snatched is worth the high ticket price of movies these days. Maybe a Red Box, though? If you’re looking for a chill night in with some wine — okay, lots of wine.