Tiger Lily returns, Regina makes a request, and Rumple discovers why his mother left, all on this episode of Once Upon a Time.

This was a big origin story hour for both the Black Fairy—a.k.a. Fiona—as well as Rumplestiltskin. In a flashback, Rumple is born, and the Blue and Red Fairies promptly visit Fiona and Rumple’s father, Malcolm. Blue tells the new parents that Rumple has a great destiny ahead of him: he will become a Savior. Fiona is understandably nervous, but Blue reassures her that the Red Fairy, who later becomes Tiger Lily, will protect her son. Fiona is temporarily reassured but soon discovers that her son is fated to die at the hands of a child born in the same winter, one who bears a crescent scar.

Desperate, she reads up on fairy lore, steals Tiger Lily’s wand, and turns herself into a gold fairy. She and Tiger Lily then try to track down the child who will become Rumple’s murderer, to no avail. More concerned than ever, Fiona creates the Dark Curse, which will save her son but banish all other children to a Land Without Magic. When Tiger Lily stops her from enacting it, Fiona tries to kill her son’s protector but transforms into the Black Fairy instead. Horrified, Tiger Lily points out the crescent scar that appeared on Fiona’s wrist. Doing her a perhaps unearned kindness, Tiger Lily and Blue offer the Black Fairy the Shears of Destiny, suggesting that she use them to sever herself from her power. Of course, because she’s related to Rumple, she can’t let go of her power and instead severs her son from his destiny as the Savior.

A disappointed Rumple later tells Fiona that she sentenced him to a life of cowardice and, as we know, a life of abandonment as well. The fairies banish the Black Fairy and return Rumple to Malcolm, who wants little to do with the child who caused his wife’s demise.

Back in Storybrooke, Rumple learns about this from his own Dream World, as well as an illuminating conversation with his mother. Emma realizes that he must be the one to fight the Black Fairy, and he at least pretends to do so, bringing back a blackened heart to Emma and the other heroes that he tries to pass off as his mother’s. They buy his story—Emma’s superpower has really been failing her lately—and happily decide that they should have Emma and Hook’s wedding the next day. Rumple heads off to celebrate with Belle and a newly freed Gideon, convincing them that the Black Fairy is dead as well. In reality, his mother is alive and looking forward to killing Emma Swan on her big day.

Elsewhere, Regina helps Zelena acclimate to life without magic, amusingly defeating both Ikea furniture and a stick shift. Zelena returns the favor by hitting the Black Fairy when she tries to kill Regina and also sweetly agrees to look after Henry should anything happen during the Final Battle. Though, that’ll only happen if Regina, Emma, the Charmings, and Hook all die, right? At the end of the hour, Hook even asks his future stepson to be his best man, teeing up next week’s wedding musical extravaganza.