It’s a musical extravaganza this week on Once Upon a Time.

The long-awaited hour begins in Storybrooke, with Emma trying to decide what to wear for her wedding. Snow eventually suggests that Emma wear her wedding dress, which Emma happily agrees to—and not in the usual “Oh, but will it fit?” way that typically happens on TV. Instead, she’s genuinely honored and excited to wear it, making it that much sadder when the Black Fairy shows up and turns the gown black. She tells Emma that she can’t run from the Final Battle and suggests that they visit the clock tower for a hint of what’s to come. There, her black fairy dust hovers, but Regina promises to stop it before the wedding, partially as an apology for interrupting Snow and Charming’s.

However, Emma isn’t counting on that plan working and tells Hook that she’s fighting the Black Fairy today but, no worries, she’ll still be on time for their wedding. Hook is worried and goes to confront Rumpelstiltskin about his betrayal. Hook manages to get the upper hand using some Neverland night shade—not a particularly mean insult—but then the Black Fairy arrives.

Before meeting the Black Fairy, Emma visits Henry at the precinct and tells him that she must face this battle alone. Henry tells her how proud he is, and Emma heads off to Regina’s office to meet her opponent. There, the Black Fairy taunts her by bringing her family, frozen in time, there to see Emma’s demise. Emma’s never felt more alone, but is she?

In the Enchanted Forest, Snow and Charming eagerly await the birth of their daughter but still face the growing threat of the Evil Queen. Desperate, Snow makes a wish that they’ll find a way to stop her. The next morning, Snow and Charming are shocked when the entire kingdom bursts out in song, something they think will help them defeat the Queen? The details are a little fuzzy, but, essentially, we’re treated to a rap battle style sing-off between the Evil Queen and the Charmings, a revenge tune from Captain Hook, and an Oz-set song about sibling rivalry from Zelena. Unfortunately, the Evil Queen finds a spell that returns everyone back to normal before any damage against her is done.

That night, the Blue Fairy visits a disappointed Snow and Charming to tell them that their wish was never for the Evil Queen. Instead, one day, their daughter will face the greatest battle of her life and find herself alone. The songs sung that day will be in her heart, so she will have the love of her family and friends when she faces that great evil. In Storybrooke, a non-frozen Henry figures this out via a page in the book and rushes to give Emma the news.

Emma, however, has already made the ultimate sacrifice and given the Black Fairy her heart. But, thanks to the songs inside, she’s unable to crush it. Henry arrives then, and, with his encouragement, Emma finds her voice and wakes her family. The Black Fairy warns Emma that her curse is still coming, but that’s not about to stop Emma from finding her “Happy Beginning.” Soon after, Hook and Emma marry on a Storybrooke rooftop, but, in true Once Upon a Time fashion, there’s an ending twist: moments after the group number’s ends, er, they say “I do,” the black mist from the clock tower sweeps over them, transporting them to places unknown and setting up next week’s hopefully-not-series finale.