“When going on a mystical quest, it’s best to take the bus.” Such is the tag line for From Hollywood to Rose, a quirky and distinctive new film which opens in limited release June 16. The movie centers on a bride who abandons her wedding ceremony before vows have been exchanged. While still in her wedding dress, she embarks on a journey by bus from Hollywood to Venice Beach, Los Angeles. Along the way she encounters a number of colorful Angelenos.

Eve Annenberg plays the erstwhile bride and is also one of the film’s producers. Her other credits include writing and directing Romeo and Juliet in Yiddish, and Dogs: The Rise and Fall of an All-Girl Bookie Joint. We posed some questions to Annenberg about From Hollywood to Rose.

Q: You were a producer on the film and acted the lead role. What in particular interested you in the script and role?

Eve Annenberg: Well, I think everyone can relate to the idea of wanting a wedding day with a super fun dress.  Not necessarily marriage, but everyone wants to plan a wedding. So, I could relate to ‘drinking the Kool-Aid’ on the idea of a wedding and then somehow winding up on the bus.

Q: In the journey to Venice Beach, the film seems to recognize and emphasize the vast distances of L.A.   What other commentary do you think the film makes about the distinctive culture of Los Angeles?

Annenberg: I think the film emphasizes that in L.A. people are quite often not who you expect them to be.

Q: The film refers several times to quest films. Your character is on a literal quest to get to Venice Beach. Do you think that any of the other characters in the film are on a quest and if yes, in what way?

Annenberg: Well, a few are definitely looking for love. But I found that I was interested in where the people who spoke least about themselves are going.

Q: You have been an actor, writer, director and producer.  Is there any area that you particularly prefer or do you enjoy each role equally?  Do you plan to concentrate on any one area in the future?

Annenberg: For the foreseeable future, I am all about acting. Sam Sandak has cast me as three different people in his new feature House of Darkness and I’m so excited.  I really can’t wait. He’s so talented and his work is so wild and ambitious.

Q.  Is there anything in general you would like to tell audiences about From Hollywood to Rose?

Annenberg: From Hollywood to Rose is a real labor of love movie, and many of the characters are, (gasp!) over forty. I love that about the movie. This might be the only low budget movie that you will see “rear projection” in this year; this film showcases L.A. local legend Tommy Santee Klaws, original music by New Yorker Joel Diamond, and the editing of Jack Haigis (worth a Google!) It’s Matt Jacob’s directorial debut feature [with co-director Liz Graham] and I think his take on the zeitgeist is interesting. He’s a painter by profession. I kept telling him “you can’t be as funny as you are in an oil painting.”

Q: Would you like to share with us what your future projects are?

Annenberg: Well, thanks for asking!  I have been working on a script with my writing partner, Stephanie Sharpe, for a long time with producer Jane Wright. I think Jane is about to “take it out” as they say. Its called Lulabelle and Sydney on the Lower East Side. Steph worked in production on this film, and both her kids are in it.

I’m not sure what Matt is doing, but I kind of hope it’s a sequel starring the Comic Book guys… I just loved them.