An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power is a superb follow-up to the Oscar-winning film that changed the way world looked at the the climate crisis that continues to plague our planet. This cinema vérité meets climate crisis offers the same premise while providing updates and optimism in a time where America’s leadership is full of climate change deniers.

The documentary follows a passionate and eloquent Al Gore as he offers some familiar informational material but also hits the streets to really show the audience what’s happening. The former Vice President turned activist gives hope for the future in this exceptional sequel more than decade later, while giving extensive insight into the energy revolution.

Gore continues to fight the forces of the resistance with a “boots to the ground” approach by traveling and speaking in an effort to influence international climate policy. Using the “direct cinema” style, the directors follow Gore through Greenland, India, Europe, Asia, and even places in the U.S. such as Miami who have experienced the greatest effects of global warming – ice caps melting into our oceans, rising tides flooding cities, and disastrous hurricanes and paralyzing droughts. It’s a refreshing approach considering the film’s predecessor, An Inconvenient Truth, focused more on lackluster graphs and data.

This eye-opening masterpiece also gives activists words of encouragement, such as, “After the final no, there comes a yes. And on that yes the future of the world depends.” The filmmakers continue to explain why now is more crucial than ever to keep fighting to save our planet. Yet, they also point out that 2016 marked an all-time high in investments renewable energy. But then in 2017, when President Trump pulled America from the landmark Paris Climate Agreement, it was a big bump in the road for Gore’s cause.

One of the most iconic sequences in the film is when Gore visits Republican Mayor Dale Ross of Georgetown, Texas, which is the first state in Texas to use 100% renewable electricity. The Mayor asks very matter-of-factly,“Doesn’t it just make sense from a common sense standpoint? The less stuff you put in the air, the better it is. Common sense. You don’t need scientists to debate it,” Ross explains. These interviews are what really makes the sequel stand out.

Award winning directors Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk do a brilliant job of portraying the next chapter in the climate change crisis as well as addressing the obstacles that lay ahead.

Ultimately, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power is a powerful and inspiring sequel that shows activists that their goals are finally within reach. “There have been times in my work with climate change, I have to admit, when my optimism was in some measure an act of will. But we’re changing, we’re changing,” says Gore. One thing is for sure, Gore is the Dr. Martin Luther King of climate change and he will continue to be a zealous warrior combating the climate crisis while encouraging others to #BeInconvenient too.