It seems like celebrities look great no matter what they’re wearing and no matter when the paps capture their pictures. Okay, so you don’t have access to a stylist like they do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t capture the essence of celebrity style! In fact, you may even be able to create the look with pieces that are already hanging in your wardrobe. Although you may not able to match the physical beauty some celebrities does, and other reach with surgery, as you can find out with some Plastic Surgery News.

We can take full advantage of stylist’s knowledge by taking their ideas, executed on celebs, and making them our own. Just imagine the incredible outfits you’d be rocking if you did have a stylist on your payroll. Whether you want to look like one celebrity in particular or prefer to grab from several aesthetics.

Solange’s Simple Style

Are you cool, free, and easy like Solange Knowles? She pulls it off with outfits that are just one colour, with a tendency to choose white or a bright primary colour. Why does this stand out? For Solange, it is all about the accessories. She builds outfits with accented handbags and adds splashes of colour with jewellery and shoes. It doesn’t matter what type of event she’s attending she always looks stunning and her style is totally effortless.

Tackling Taylor Swift’s Style

This pop princess manages her tall, willowy frame perfectly. From high waisted shorts and cut off tops with block heels to her ultra-feminine dresses, she even makes dungarees and crop tops look incredibly. If you’re not tall and willowy, don’t worry – because it even works for the shorter population.

Capturing Cara Delevingne

She may don the ball gown when she’s hitting the red carpet, but since she emerged onto the fashion scene she has been true to her tomboy roots in her typical skinny jeans, beanies, and boots outfits. In her soul, she’s a Rockstar.

Leveraging Lupita Nyong’o’s Look

She may have turned up to Comic Con as the pink Power Ranger, but normally she takes her fashion more seriously. Get her look with high-waisted trousers and a bustier to finish the look. She’s also a fan of the jumpsuit and sundresses with plunging necklines. Always go bright!

Emulating Emma Watson

The human embodiment of the preppy style, Emma Watson has fast become a fashion favourite for many. She favours high neck jumpers and midi length skirts.

Recreating Red Hot Rihanna

Rihanna is thoroughly unique and while one day she’s happily sporting a baseball cap, loose jeans, and a jumper she also takes it to the other extreme. She literally does what she wants, one of the things she is known for is her choices in swimwear, and after all, she does spend a lot of time around water. It’s good news for you because thanks to Ann Summers promotional codes you can bag yourself a bargain on some seriously sexy swimwear.

Diane Kruger & Denim

Once upon a time, she was a successful model but her career has transformed over the years and she is now a highly successful, and incredibly stylish, actress. She may be a firm fan of Chanel, but you’ll also catch her rocking a Breton stripe top with a pair of denims. She enhances the casual look with a structured handbag and boots. It’s the perfect outfit for traveling, hanging out, or even grabbing coffee with friends. The best part about it is looking great while being completely comfortable.

The Bright & Breezy Zoe Kravitz

There is nothing sexier than this actress’ easy-going style. She’s a definite cool girl. She always looks like she’s on her way to join the party at the beach or a relaxed music festival in her spaghetti strap dresses and black boots. She pulls off the stacked bracelets and round sunglasses look perfectly. If this is right up your street, you can easily pull this off. It’s basically BoHo chic on a whole new level.

The Classic Looks of Lena Dunham 

A celebrity who has built her entire brand on being an everyday, down-to-earth kind of girl… and her style reflects it. You will most likely find her sporting an A-line dress and heels finished with a jacket and a crossbody bag. It’s quick and easy, and most importantly – comfortable. The great part is that it’s totally suitable for the work environment, catching a drink at the weekend, or just heading to the high street for a spot of shopping.


It’s never been easier to capture the look of your favourite celebrity and it’s probably not much different than you dress now. It is all about putting together a complete and cohesive outfit. Make sure your jewellery, handbag, and shoes enhance the look rather than distracting or detracting. It’s time to drag everything you own to the bed and start laying out your outfits to get a good feel for what you’re missing. Start recycling your favourite outfits and inject a new sense of purpose into them by mixing your accessories up. We’re all guilty of letting our style get stale by wearing the same old same old. What’s the point of accessories if you don’t use them differently every time? Have fun with your fashion!