The folks at LEGO and Warner Bros. have got their movie formula down to a tee. In their latest effort, The LEGO Ninjago Movie, we get a thoroughly entertaining look at LEGO ninjas, cool machines and gadgets, a giant kitty – and a heartwarming father-son story. Natch.

What’s even more fun is getting to go to Legoland for the Ninjago press conference and sitting in on a lively conversation with the stellar cast, including Justin Theroux (“Garmadon”), Michael Pena (“Kai”), Olivia Munn (“Koko”), Fred Armisen (“Cole”), Dave Franco (“Lloyd”), Kumail Nanijani (“Jay”), Zach Woods (“Zane”), Abbi Jacobson “Nya”) – and the incomparable Jackie Chan (“Master Wu/Mr. Liu”). Also in attendance were co-directors Charlie Bean and Paul Fisher.

While I was there for all the action, the crew on stage just had too much of a blast not to share on video (rather than try to write it all out), especially when they were asked some questions from younger fans in the audience… take a look (courtesy of Geek Central Blog)!

Make sure to take the family to see The LEGO Ninjago Movie playing in theaters now!

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